Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas...a few days late!

I can't believe it's been a month since I last got on here...WHERE DID DECEMBER GO?!?!

I had all these great ideas for posts as I was going along...crafting away...{{{and still am}}}

OH WELL!  Maybe one of these days I'll post some of my fun gifts I did!!  I was so thrilled to give so many handmade gifts this year!  We still have not celebrated with my mom and dad- my brother came in town just in time for Christmas from being with his fiancee's family, and she will come here tomorrow (okay...later on today because I'm up so late =) so we will be finishing our last bit of celebrating tomorrow night!

Let me just preface the rest of this post with this:  I love Christmas time.  I love everything about it.  The reason we celebrate {{Jesus' birth and God's perfect gift to us}}  I love being with family.  I love traditions.  I love the time off from the daily hustle and bustle.  So I had to say those things before I go on to tell you about how our Christmas went...

((((this is super if you need a few good laughs, just scan through....I typed this all out as a way for me to journal our Christmas events)))))

We started off our season of celebration well over a week ago with Jared's family.  Love them all--- it was just a little early- and it was the day after school finished for the semester, so, needless to say, I was not prepared!  I had barely gotten Miles and Owen's MDO teacher's gifts together earlier that week-- much less presents for everyone!  Now, Jared did do all the shopping for the men-folk, so my f.i.l. was taken care of.  But the day of- I was rushing all over creation looking for the perfect gift for my m.i.l.  Now I knew what I wanted to get her- and it was supposed to be in a certain gift shop-- but it wasn't.  Nor was it in the next 4 places I went with the boys in tow and my mama so she could stay in the car with my sleeping babies!  ANYWAY.  Jared took off work- got the gift- and she loved it.  (a beautiful piece of pottery by a mississippi potter-- there are so many around here!)

So fast forward a few days...past the migraine...///ugh\\\and we get to Christmas Eve Eve.  We decided to make arrangements with Jolly Ole St. Nick to make a stop by our house a night early because we planned to head to my extended family down in the Jackson area on Christmas Eve.  The night went good- we had a yummy supper (courtesy a generous City of Olive Branch citizen who brought Jared a honey-baked ham =)

***nevermind that I had bought a shrimp cocktail at the grocery, only to get home and realize it's frozen***thankgoodnessforham

So we ate, read a precious children's book based on the first 2 chapters of Luke, and put the boys to bed.  The next morning was such a sweet time for us to be together!  Then our parents and my brother came over for brunch (we had this yummy french toast)(minus the pecans---and I just used sandwich bread).  Then it was supposed to be a calm morning of getting packed and ready to go to Canton.

Then Owen was left unattended for just the shortest few minutes....and he found the stairs.

There's no good way to type this out...(I've tried)...he fell down about 4 or 5 stairs- had a pretty big bruise on his head, so we decided we needed to take him to the minor med.  {Remember it's Christmas Eve}  Miles ends up in the car with my parents (who luckily hadn't gotten on the road yet) and off we go to not one, not two, but THREE minor meds (finding an open one and one that would see a 10 month old).  We finally get him seen and I'm sure there is a little red dot next to our name in the Methodist Healthcare system...but he was fine--- no need for any tests or scans.  (Praise the Lord!)  So off we go BACK home to pack and get down to Canton (we've already missed one good meal at my grandfather's (mom's dad)).  Hubster was grumpy about driving at night (the same one who goes to bed at 8:45) and I was exhausted from the adrenaline rush of getting baby boy seen to!

So we get to my grandparents (dad's parents).  My grandmother is feeling terrible, poor thing.  We go to bed- sorta- Owen woke up several times because, oh yeah, they gave him a breathing treatment while we were at the minor med for his cough- so that wired him up good!  Plus he is my little homebody and knew that he wasn't in his bed!  So once we get more than 20 minutes of sleep- my dad comes in and tells us not to get out of bed.  In our sleepy stupor, we realize that there's half an inch of water everywhere!  (And yes, my sweet big boy was sleeping on a mattress on the floor in the other room!!!)  They have finally come to the conclusion that the hot water heater burst in the night.  So we pack up, head next door to my all too gracious cousin's (dad's first cousin) home (they live in the house my grandfather grew up in).  Miles is upset because he isn't at "mawcharlotte's house"---the first thing that I could think of to tell him was that it was dirty?!  So all weekend, that's what we heard.  (Made me feel bad for saying it like that!)

We eventually have Christmas with my grandmother (mom's mom).  I kicked butt at Just Dance 2- man-- that's fun!!!  Miles was hilarious watching him dance to it, too!  That was fairly uneventful.  We make it back to my cousin's house for Christmas with all of them.  Everything's going smoothly- until Owen throws up all over Jared.  Poor baby!  And he cut a tooth while we were gone!  So as I'm getting Owen cleaned up- Jared goes to take a shower (meanwhile ALL the family is still there!), Miles has a little tee-tee accident.  So all my boys are getting baths, we're getting laundry going, trying to clean up the terrible mess...

Then all four of us end up making it to bed- in the same room.  I ended up with the giggles over all of it.  Owen woke up several times screaming and crying over the teeth and everything else.  {of course, I had given him the last drop of Tylenol I had and left the oragel at home!}  Luckily Miles slept like a baby through it all!  At one point- Jared said we were going home--- then.  In the snow.  And if you are somewhere where snow it normal--- you aren't from where we were!  We close schools around here if it gets too cold.

Sweet baby ends up falling asleep (in the bed with me of course-- Jared gets kicked out because it's a double bed) and the next morning is pretty uneventful-- as is the rest of our trip- THANK GOODNESS!

Fun thing that Jared and Miles got to do-- they rode the train home from Jackson!  They took the Amtrack from Jackson to Memphis (believe me-- I know this is where they went because Miles talked about it nonstop for a week!!!  Isn't it funny what they get fixated on?!)  So luckily, they didn't fall asleep on the train and end up in Chicago.  They had a great time!!!  Clif rode home with me and we first stopped at my cousin Sarah's new house {which is decorated beautifully!  she is SUPER crafty- frames, staining cabinets, shutters, Lowes-- she has no fears!!}  And she had the BEST supper going- so she invited us to stick around!  Crock pot chicken (chicken, cream of mushroom, onion soup mix, dale's seasoning- DELISH), mashed potatoes, italian green beans.  Just what I needed--- a couple hours of normalcy!  We stayed so long there that Jared and Miles actually made it to Memphis before we got home!

Now we're home- I'm still up to my eye balls in a mess--- sewing machine, paint, crafts--- then there's the laundry!  Ah!  It all has to get cleaned up and put away soon---we're having a party over here New Year's for Clif and Lauren!

I'm so glad that even despite my best efforts---that God gave us His Son to take away all of those efforts and give us His grace freely.  I'm so glad that it's not up to me to get myself to heaven.  I'm so thankful that He gave us His Son Jesus and that all we have to do is trust in Him--- because I tell you what-- I'm just worn out reading what all I wrote!  Believe me--- I failed so many times over the weekend---

Thank you God that I don't have to work out my salvation by works---but continue your good and perfect will in my life that my faith in you would produce good works in my life solely based on your goodness in my life-- not any of my own efforts. was your Christmas?!  {said in a sing-songy voice}

And I promise that one night when it's not this late I'll post pics!  I think I took some in the madness!  If I didn't, I know my mama did!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Now it's time...

...time to start the Christmas planning for gifts, parties, meals, and cards!  Who doesn't love getting Christmas cards??  Plus, for us, Shutterfly is one of the retail partners with our favorite store so that gives me even more incentive to buy PLENTY when I buy this year's cards! (because let's face it, I never order enough and always have to order a last minute pack of 20 from that store I try not to go to! {not Target...the other one})

I think this is my favorite

 AND my good friend Sara drove up earlier this fall and took us to the park for a photo session!  She took some great pictures-- I haven't decided yet which to use, so I may have to use a card that holds multiple pictures....

I did just order a photo book for Owen...poor thing- Miles has 2 and we barely have any pictures even printed out of Owen!

So what photo gifts do you plan to buy for folks this year? 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Are you ready for Christmas?!

from Southern Living's Holiday Home Ideas
Well, are you?!  I know I'd love to say MY tree looks like the above picture...but it's still in it's's grand and glorious 10 foot box.  I may or may not have blogged about this last year, but Jared bought a 10 foot tree last year with his birthday money.  I love it...but this year something I had not even thought about was Owen and Christmas decorations!  Besides the fact that it's not even Thanksgiving yet...that may be the reason I have been a little hesitant to put up our decorations just yet!

Now, I'll be honest.  At the beginning of November, I made a mental note that I would take this month to remember to be thankful.  But this month has flown by and all I can remember is being grouchy!  Ugh!  I guess with the hustle of birthday parties, teaching, soccer wrapping up, and everything in between, I have gotten caught up in being bothered by the "busyness" and not taken the time to be thankful.  So here's my goal for the week----


every day.


give thanks to our Lord for His wonderful blessings in my life.

I have so much to be thankful for...{so much, so much, so much, so much, so much, so much, so much, so much (clap) to be thankful for}

And this shouldn't be a hard thing...I have the whole week off.  No teaching.  Just a dentist appointment (for myself that is...taking Miles with me so he can see it's not so bad), Miles MDO feast (which I have already gotten my assigned meal item for .check.), and getting our house back in working order from the "busyness" of the month!  And all I have to have ready for Thanksgiving meal is green beans!  How easy is that?!

Then, maybe I'll think about Christmas decorations!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

And the Dentist Story Continues...

Thought this was too funny not to share...this was in the mail today--

Monday, November 15, 2010

Bday Post, Part 2 + Tales from the Dentist

Here are some pics I told you I'd post!  But first...I'm going to make you endure my thoughts from the day...

Have you taken your child to the dentist yet?  My dear friend shared with me today that her dentist had told her that your child will handle the dentist similarly to how they handle getting their haircut.  Well- I'm glad sweet friend didn't tell me that before we went to the dentist this morning, because I would have been sadly disappointed!  It was the worst experience to date with my dear 3 year old.  He does beautifully when getting his haircut!  Now, he always has his game face on- but there is no screaming or worrying if he will be cut with the scissors!  The dentist on the other hand was a completely different story!

Now, in explaining to Miles last night what we'd be doing this morning, he told me "no".  This morning, when telling him what we'd be doing today, he said "no".  On the way to the dentist office, he said "no".  I mean, it's not like I would have canceled his appointment or anything, but I guess I should have taken a clue that this was not going to be pleasant.  So we get there and of course there are a few toys to play with (we're at a pediatric dentist).  He continued on in his grumpy mood by not wanting to share with the other children (usually not a problem, especially when we're not on his "turf").  {Important to note: I had Owen with me, too- I had woken him up from his nap to take Miles to the dentist.  Luckily, he was still in a daze from being woken up, so he just chilled in the stroller throughout the whole fiasco.}  So they call us back, and he says he doesn't want to go.  Now seriously- he is usually a little more compliant after this much insistence on my part.  So I stroll Owen on through the doors and he comes screaming after me.  We get to our "station" and I was quite impressed with the whole set up- not too busy or "circus-y" but just enough to make a kid feel comfortable.  I mean, they did have Scooby Doo going on the TV screens on the ceiling.  But he clung to me like white on rice.  He wouldn't let me put him down, he didn't want to pick out his toothbrush- nothing.  I tried convincing him to be like the big boy in the next chair who looked to be about a year older than him.  {I didn't want to bribe him with candy at the dentist, so I refrained from that.}  But he wasn't budging.  The dentist came over to give the poor hygienist some help.  She was a little soft-spoken and said that this happens all the time, but she didn't act like she knew what to do with this temperamental three year old going nuts!  So long story just a little big longer- the dentist just did a "lap check" (which sounds terrible and I did give him a double-look when he said it) but Miles sat in my lap facing me, then I laid him down so his head was on the dentist's knees.  I had to restrain his arms and legs while he forcefully brushed Miles' teeth and checked out what he could through the gritting teeth!  {gosh, as I read this it seems even worse than it was!}  So by the time we were finished, Miles didn't even want to pick a toy out of the toy box or get a sticker!  He said "I want to go!"  Luckily, we have dental insurance, so that horrifying experience only cost us $10.  If it had been what our doctor visits are- we would have stayed a while longer- screaming kid and all.

Oh- and to make matters worse- I officially feel old.  I went to the eye doctor today (with the 3 year old who was so "three" at the dentist--- I'm a glutton for punishment) and I have to have reading glasses.  Now this may not be a big deal to many and there are those younger than me who have reading glasses-- but for some reason, with the gray hairs I continue to find popping up all over my used-to-be-blonde-head...this was just another layer of icing on the cake sending me into old age.  I offense mom, but you and dad have I seriously there now?!  {typed with all the love in my heart and a smile on my face}  Oh, and Miles did fine- he had "Arthur's Reading Race" and a sucker.  That I did not give him.  As bribery.  Seriously.  I didn't.

Alright--- here are those pics.  Do you have any horrifying doctor or dentist visits?!  Please don't let me be the only one!!

had to add this one- my recent favorite family pic taken at our church's fall festival (yes, i know owen's hat is too small and that miles is eating the world's biggest blow-pop!)

miles and the noisy gift i picked out

i wish you could see how he's blowing his candles out- he is making the "f" sound (do it, you'll see why it's funny)

party favor tags

bday boy and his precious shirt meme made him!

great cake!

finding nerf darts everywhere- this was on the fridge.  i also found one on the crown molding in the kitchen.

jared's orange creamsicle cake

we used the dining room AND lit the candles!

he's happy- especially when he has food

notice jared's mom...

getting some pointers from jimbo

the middle was.....marshmallow.creme.yum.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Birthday Season

Well, we all made it out alive!  Birthday season is over for a short little while around the Darby house!  We will start back up strong in January, though, with all of Owen's little friend's first birthday parties, then his in February! 

Miles' birthday and train party was a success!  I will definitely say that this year's birthday experience was the best yet!  He knew what was going on, loved getting presents, and was so gracious of the gifts he received!  It was so much fun watching him open presents, but even better hearing him tell the gift-giver "thank you" on his own (most of the time!)  We celebrated his actual birthday with a trip to Cracker Barrel for breakfast with the grandparents.  Then Jared's parents came over for supper that night while Papaw and Jared worked on Fort Magnificent {separate post at a later date when I've recovered from the drama of it all}.  His actual bday was on Monday, which meant the party wasn't until the next Saturday.  So by the time the excitement of the day and presents had worn off, we turned around and did it all again!  But his party was so much fun!  We have been blessed with so many sweet friends and our church has got a bajillion kiddos right now- and we're overflowing with BOYS!

Jared's birthday was Friday and we had dinner at our house with my parents and his.  He requested spaghetti and fettuccini alfredo, so I was happy to oblige!  I will admit....I went store bought on all of my ingredients!  I usually do on my spaghetti sauce because I haven't found a homemade one yet that I'm sold on- and I've always loved my Ragu!  And I haven't done alfredo sauce before and, of course, all of the ingredients are t.e.r.r.i.b.l.e. for you-- I'm not really big on butter, so I couldn't imagine myself melting a whole stick of butter and then adding heavy cream, then eating it--- so I figured if I didn't have to see what was going in it, I wouldn't think about it as much???  Surely someone out there understands my logic???  Anyway--- pasta, salad, bread (which I did doctor up myself....didn't use your recipe Heather, but will soon), and birthday cake--- but oh not just any birthday cake- an orange creamsicle cake from Andrea (who also made Miles cake).  I will admit-- it was delish and I'm not really big on "orange"...I'm more of a classic chocolate girl!

The biggest hit around our house this year for gifts has definitely been the introduction to Nerf  I am finding little darts all over the house!  There was a major battle in our house last night after dinner (after Jared received his Nerf gun because Miles got one for his birthday).  Our number one rule is "No shooting Mama", and then "no shooting Owen until he's big enough to defend himself". 

Okay- so sorry there are no pics to go along with this post- there's a little screen on the computer saying that all my space is full????  And I am not a "computer nerd" so I have no idea how to fix this problem.  I dare not try tonight to learn!  So I will get back on here ASAP and show you some pics from our parties! 

Any fun birthday parties you've been to recently?! 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My "Bucket" List

Now...don't worry- I'm not about to list off 100 things I want to do before I die...just about 10 things I want to do before I'm...say...40---how about that?!  I wasn't able to listen in on our team training call on Monday night {late night diaper run before MDO the next day}, but as I was talking with my team mentor and friend, Kristie, she filled me in.  The call was about vision.  Now it was more specifically geared toward vision for your business, but isn't vision in anything a good thing?  I know that the Lord calls us to look Heavenward, so I know that that is my ultimate vision.  But I also know that he wants us to live lives that direct others towards His light and goodness and mercy.  So as I have been thinking about my vision for life- here are a few things I want to do- some fun, some serious, but all in a way that pleases my Savior. 

1. Have more children...biological and adopted.  I don't plan on being the Duggars, much less the Brady Bunch...but I do know that my future holds more children and I look forward to filling our home with them!  So I guess possibly the Brady Bunch (in number of children...not blended- Jared's stuck with me!  Even though I assume Carol and Mike's former spouses died??  Okay...anyway...)

2. Adopt.  I know that this one kind of goes along with #1, but it's so heavy on my heart.  I know that the Lord has a lot of work to do on my heart and Jared's before this will happen, but I am confident that it will.  The Lord laid this desire on my heart while I was in college, and I know that "He who began a good work in you will be faithful to carry it into completion until the day of Christ." {Philippians 1:6}  I have found so many adoption stories and blogs--- it would take me another hour just to list them all here.  So do me a favor---if you are adopting, have adopted, or plan to-- please share your blog or story with me in the comments section.  I'd love to do a post dedicated to all the adoptive families I know-- whether we're BFFs or acquaintances or blog stalkers or old friends from the good ole UU days! 

3.  Be at home FULL-TIME.  Our schedule is nuts around here.  I absolutely LOVE working with the homeschool group I work with- and I can truly see myself continuing to do this once my boys are school age.  But with all the time and energy Jared puts into soccer, it would be so much more beneficial for all of us if I were at home full-time.

that being said....

4. Build my Internet CEO Moms business.  This team has been such a blessing-- moms helping other moms work from home- most of us have the same vision of being a stay-at-home mom.  I think that this is truly the best work-from-home business out there.  There are so many great opportunities--- but this one is definitely the best one that works solely from home without having to do outside parties or take in/buy your own inventory.  The company we work with is great and I know that we would still be members even if I weren't building a business with it!  In fact, only 12% of their customers build a business!  That tells you that 88% of their customers are completely satisfied being just that-- customers!

5.  Take Jared on a trip to Disney World.  He has never been and I went once in the sixth grade.  I know that there are 100 million things to do there- but before we take our kids, I want to take a trip just the two of us!  And he wants to go to Harry Potter World, so I guess I will go along with that one, too!

6.  Go on a mission trip as a family- regularly.  I know my kids are still young now to take a big trip, but, hey- I have til I'm 40 to get this list done!  Plus there are so many opportunities close to home- I don't want my children to grow up thinking that everyone is raised the same way they are.  I feel like my parents did a good job at that with us by letting us participate in different missions opportunities, but you always want to go a step further than you were taken, right?  When I was in high school, I had such a passion for missions.  I thought at one point that that's where the Lord was leading me- full-time career missionary.  Not that I still don't (and not that He still couldn't), but life has happened and my thoughts outside of my "world" have become fuzzier over time.  That takes a lot of pride swallowing to admit, but it's so true.  We have some good friends who are getting ready to move to Vancouver to partner up with a group already there.  I'm so thrilled for them and for their faith that God has led them to this point in their lives!

7.  Now this one may be a little silly...but ORGANIZE ALL MY PICTURES, PRINT THEM OFF, MAKE SOME TYPE OF PHOTO BOOK FOR MY CHILDREN TO HAVE!  I absolutely LOVE looking at mine and Clif's baby pictures!  I need to be better at printing off Miles' and Owen's pictures!  AH!

8.  Now for another silly one--- start and COMPLETE a sewing project.  I have a machine.  I have material.  I have patterns.  Now...just do it.  Right???  I have about 4 or 5 different paint/wood/canvas/chair recovering projects going right now...maybe I'll get them finished and given or hung up {or sat on} around here soon!

9. I guess 8 is all I have right now! 

I encourage you to do something like don't have to blog about it...but I'm not a big journal-er (?), so this was the best way for me to write it out and put it "out there"! 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Adventures in Babyfood Making

As some of you may know, I have ventured out this go 'round with Owen...I have been making his babyfood.  Now, this is a more widely practiced activity than I thought to begin with!  I have a few friends who did it with their kids who are a little older than Owen, and I have a few friends who are doing this now with theirs who are about Owen's age.  My greatest resource has been WholesomeBabyFood, and then just my imagination!  They have recipes for everything under the sun!  I feel like Owen has been exposed to foods he might not have had on tub/jar food.  And I feel like I've been able to give him more finger foods a little earlier because his system is already used to "regular" food????  (But teeth will HAVE to come in for us to move on up in our food adventures!!  The child still doesn't have any!) 

There wasn't any particular reason that I did this, other than I thought it would be fun and I knew of a few friends doing it, too!  I didn't, however, expect Owen to become a "food snob" over it though!  He won't touch the tub/jar food!  So he hasn't had too many greens up until now.  I did start him on some English peas recently as finger foods.  We went out of town in August and I thought I would make it easy on myself and purchase 3 days worth of food---- WRONG.  Owen didn't touch it!  I even bought the good stuff--- not just peas!  So he had a lot of mushed up bananas that weekend!  I've tried getting Miles in on some of the action...sadly- one day I had some pears and peaches (fresh- hadn't been boiled down or baked yet), and I offered Miles some in a cup and told him what it was.  He is so used to the canned stuff that he told me that I had not given him peaches and pears!  So I am slowly introducing Miles to the "real" stuff!  I may try to trick him get him to try some orange applesauce!  {see middle pic below}

Now I haven't been so particular as to make my own oatmeal and biter biscuits and stuff.  Sounds great and I think I'd have fun doing it- because I truly have enjoyed making his food- but there just aren't enough hours in the day!  And so far I have only had one thing not turn out the way I wanted it to--- spaghetti squash.  It was just too stringy and I don't think I cooked it long enough.  I was really grainy.  (And did you know that it's called spaghetti squash for a reason?!)

So-- what was your preference?  If you started with one kid, did you feel like you needed to do it with the rest of your kids?  As I was standing in the kitchen tonight making up food, I was thinking that Owen might be the "favored" child...not sure if I'll do this for the next {hypothetical} kiddo!  I didn't do it for Miles and he turned out to be a great eater!  (Although you wouldn't know it looking at his skinny self!)  Hope doing this doesn't make Owen a picky one! 
What I started with the first time (after he had been introduced to most of these things)-- bananas, acorn squash, avocado, peaches, sweet potatoes, and cucumber.

My products from tonight- blueberry peaches, pears, blueberry pears, carrots, and carrot-applesauce.

The an "organized" fashion...after I had cleaned up the counters.

Monday, October 18, 2010

"Help!! The Baby's Out!"

Babyproofing.  How much do you do?  Are you super safe?  Bumpers on every piece of furniture, locks on the toilets, finger-smusher proof doors?  Do you just do a few basics?  Cabinet locks, an occassional baby gate? 

I find myself in between.  We have a gate at the top of the stairs- but I hate it.  I mean- I'm glad Miles can't get down (yet) by himself.  But it would just take one climb or extra strong temper tantrum to send it going down the stairs!  The particular gate we have isn't one that you screw into the wall.  We will soon have to get another one for the bottom of the stairs when little mister decides to start crawling!  {{we're safe for now}}

Then in the kitchen, we have cabinet locks, but not everywhere; I wanted Miles to be able to have a cabinet all to himself.  And I tell you what, it has been the source of many imaginative, entertaining himself times that he has had!  That empty cabinet is his office, his tent (with any toy that makes light) and he lets me know when "stuff" ends up in his cabinet!  No fits- everything is just neatly stacked outside of the cabinet (he gets that "neat-stack" thing from his daddy!)

What about your fireplace?  How do you babyproof it?  Ours is open in the wall, with a chain screen (how the house came).  It's not like it gets cold enough here to use our gas logs-- maybe two or three times a year?!  We bought a screen- but it isn't very heavy- which is good and bad...good in that it won't hurt as bad if it fell over, but bad in that it could fall over and it would hurt!  I do wish it had a glass door---so tell me- how do you protect your little one from the fireplace??

But you know?  No matter how much "proofing" we do- baby will still have those accidents!  We had one yesterday- on an unsuspecting object!  Owen is trying so hard to get around.  He had wiggled himself close to the recliner in our room, his arms gave out, and he banged his face into the handle on the chair!  I was right there with him, but it happened so quick!  Do you have any of those type stories, or am I the only one?!  Surely not...oops- gotta go- another tearful bump awaits mama's kiss!!  Share your story with me!
Uh-oh!  Look below his eye- accident #1 of a million more to come, I'm sure!  Poor baby!  And the teething sure doesn't help the fussiness!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Lazy Sunday Morning

Now, if you know me, you'll know that I would normally be at church right now...but the babies woke up with the yucks and Miles was coughing a good bit, so we decided I would stay home.  And while I missed being in SS with our kindergarten kiddos, and worshiping with our awesome church family, and listening to Bro. Chad bring the word- I have enjoyed a lazy Sunday morning and spending some QT with my boys!  What a sweet and precious time we had- and I enjoyed watching them play and interact!  Plus- I got lunch cooked, which hardly ever happens on a Sunday!  Thank you {crockpot}!  I'll let you know how this new recipe turns out!

Our morning was filled with a nap for Owen (a little earlier than usual), Miles playing outside on his trike (it's a beautiful day here!), and some good ole' brother time on mama and daddy's bed!  Daddy came home early and we're just enjoying being in the same room for a change!  Jared has plans to start "Fort Magnificent" this week.  He has taken a week off of work to take off on this endeavor.  Blueprints, lumber companies, borrowing big ole power tools, and everything.  I'll document with the camera and post later.  We're hoping for no trips to the emergency room...{fingers crossed}. 

Here are some pics from our morning!  Hope you all have a fabulous week!  We started ours off great!  And the boys are already feeling better having had a low-key morning, so we'll be back at the church house tonight!  I need to go now....crockpot is about to go off, and Miles is pushing Owen around in the walker- poor Owen.  Oh- and Miles is saying "Come here, honey" me. (love him) 

Fireman Miles, but he's on a train, not a fire engine or lion.

I wish that you could see the mohawk better!

Sweet brother time!

What better place to have a peanut butter sandwich, oranges, and wheat thins than the dining room table?!  At 10:30 in the morning?!

Daddy time!

Trying out this walker thing!  As with crawling, he can only go backwards!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Now, if you're the mom to, or ever have been the mom to, a kid--- you've probably got some hilarious stories from your kiddos childhood days.  Just thought I'd share a few of our "kid-isms" from the past couple weeks:

Miles:  some of his favorite phrases these days include-- "well....why not?" {said in the cutest question voice ever}, "that's not my choice", "i need to reeeeeaaaach"
Cute story:  Last night, my mom and dad brought him home from their house after supper.  Now, Miles is on a bit of a food strike these days- all he wants are french fries and fruit- the fruit part is fine- but the french fries, well...there could be better choices!  But considering this- he ate a great supper last night- butterbeans, english peas, a couple bites of chicken tetrazini, pears...but as they passed by the MickeyD's on the way to our house, mom heard the quietest "I'm hungry" from the backseat.  She and dad just continued on with their conversation.  They heard it again a little bit down the road, "I'm hungry, I want McDonalds."  Oh the power of suggestion!  {Meme and Jimbo did not cave...she told Miles that all the McDonald's people had to go home and go to bed, too!  Nice save, Meme!}

Owen:  of course, he has no favorite phrases these days- but I love watching him respond to his name and different voices!  He doesn't "talk" as much as Miles seemed to do, but when he does talk- it's usually very loud!  He is sitting up beautifully and has been since about 4 months- but the crawling thing is a different story!  Oh, how he tries!  He can scoot backwards all day long, can turn around in circles on his belly...but try to go forward--- it's a no go!  He gets so upset, too!  He is pretty relaxed and laid back all the time, except when he wants to get somewhere!  And it's a MAD cry!  So pitiful!  You can't help but chuckle and feel bad for the little guy!  He'll get it all too soon, and my world will change once again!  I think Miles is his favorite person (besides me).  His face lights up when he hears Miles voice or sees him!  He can't wait to be in the middle of all the action!  But for now, I'm enjoying him as my hip baby! 

Now- leave a comment with your favorite "kid-ism" from lately, or one you remember of yourself from when you were a kid!!  Look forward to hearing yours!  Or if you want to leave a link to your blog--- do that!  I'll come on over and follow YOU! 

**Sorry no pics...I've been terrible about pics lately- my mom has been taking them 
like crazy, though!  I'll have to get a hold of her card soon!**

Friday, October 8, 2010

Ode to Jared, part deuce

The Rush was featured in the Desoto Appeal section of the Commercial Appeal today!!  Check it out here.

Friday, October 1, 2010

It's FINALLY fall!!!


Fall for the Darbys means soccer (what's new), pumpkins, and birthdays!!!  Miles will turn 3 in exactly one month- we are planning a train-themed birthday for this year's festivities!  Jared will turn ___ Nov. 12 =)  It seems like the past couple years we have had multiple parties going on during the fall, but this year they have slowed down a little bit- maybe it is because it will pale in comparison to the parties we will have in the spring- talk about a major baby boom around Owen's birthday!  But we'll save that post for springtime!!

Tonight we had a fun-filled evening with friends at the Mid-South Fair!!  It was GREAT!  Now, we definitely spent WAAAAAY too much money and ate WAAAAAAY too much sugar- but hey- it only comes around once a year, right?!  This year was a blast compared to last year- Miles didn't get to ride hardly any rides last year- this year he was all about some rides!  It helped that we were with friends and that good ole' dad was there to ride with him!  Jared is going to be the BEST when the boys are older- I don't imagine the words "oh that's just too much to spend right now" will EVER come out of Jared's mouth when it comes to going to the fair!  He loves it!  He's such a big kid himself!  Our friends had older girls who were old enough to ride the rides, just not old enough yet to go walking around alone.  So Mr. Jared was the "cool" dad who wasn't their dad and took them on the big rides while the rest of us hung out by the kiddie rides!

Here are some pics from the evening!!  I hope you enjoy your fall!

 poor miles...he was passed out before we even GOT to the fair!  he had already had a full day of fun with dad!
 miles is in the cart between the green flower and the pink pole. 
 miles and his buddy jack
 jared and miles and jack on the boat...this one was close to being the end of it for miles.  
 my little sweetie!
 miles and jared on the ginormous slide!
 the only motorcycle i will ever let miles ride  =)
 enjoying a funnel cake for meme!!
out past bedtime...i'm paying for it now- he isn't sleeping good tonight!!

Oh!  And be sure to check out my other blog....My Safer Home about this month's promotion!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Ode to Jared

Tonight, as Jared was off coaching soccer and I was at home with the boys because it is September and it is still 95 degrees outside {RIDICULOUS}, I got to thinking about all the great things about him and the wonderful things he does for our family!  So here's my Ode to Jared and why I'm so proud of him right now!  (Okay, so it's not in song form, but you can hum "Thunderstruck" if you're so moved- it's his favorite...thus the music)

  • He and his friend Chris- who he has been friends with since they were little- started a soccer club a few years back.  Started with just a couple teams--- WINNING teams.  They were first known as the Olive Branch Rage.  After just 2 seasons, the Nike Rush in Memphis noticed them {they were coming to their tournaments and winning first place}  They soon came to Jared and Chris and asked to take them in under the umbrella of the Nike Rush.  So now, Jared is the director of the Rush Olive Branch, coaches 2 teams, and, while his teams aren't doing so hot this season, the club as a whole is still getting LOTS of recognition!  Jared has an interview on Thursday with a lady from the Commercial Appeal.  She told him today that there will be a full page write-up on them.  A photographer is coming out to their practice and everything!  Jared even met with the soccer coach from Christian Brothers tonight...if you're involved in the Memphis soccer world at all--- you know this was a big deal!  He has just taken notice of the club and is wanting to help develop soccer in the outlying areas of Memphis.  

So Jared, know that I am impressed with you...if we're going to have to share you, I'm so glad that it's doing something that you love and can be proud of!  I'm so proud of you!  I love being a soccer mom wife.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Here are a few pics from our recent visit to the hair-cuttin' place...I didn't take any pics of Jared getting his haircut...sorry! {ha}

Miles had his GAME FACE on!

Owen just wanted to eat the cape! (Aren't you impressed with how well he is sitting in that seat?! Just kidding- he's sitting in the bumbo!)
After about 3 or 4 minutes, he was starting to fuss!
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He's done!!
Luckily, our stylist has a little one with MORE hair than Owen, and just a few days younger than him!
So she knew how to handle it!!

And while we had Dad with us, we decided to take a trip to eat Pizza- after all, it was "P" day at our house!

Owen sacked out on the booth-- too much excitement for him!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I've Been Published

Our good friend Lauren, who is a Child Life Specialist at LeBonheur, has started a blog centering around her parental experience! She recently asked me to write up a little guest column for her- here's the link:

LG's SAHM article


Sunday, September 12, 2010

the one where lg gets sick...

You remember how on "Friends" all the episode titles started with "the one..." ? Well, yesterday felt like an episode of "The Darby's" and the title of this one would be just what I named this post.

I have had some type of viral head and throat junk that made me think I was having yet another case of strep throat. But I learned after this past summer's experience that getting to the doctor asap helps. So off I went- throat swab, test negative, thank you, Lord. So after 2 days of antibiotics, I still felt yucky, but no time to slow down in this life!

Saturday morning rolls around, and like most Saturdays during the fall, we had a birthday party to attend. Now, we have not taken Miles to the sacred {dreaded} land of "Chuck E. Cheese"...we have heard of parents who go and they never return; children who go in as perfect angels, and come out as hellions; families who once had a few extra dollars to spend on their children, and their wallets are drained when they leave. Okay, so maybe it's not that bad...but we have somehow managed to avoid the place....until Saturday. Lucky Jared had soccer all morning, so it was up to me to take Miles to the birthday party @ said locale. Owen stayed with my wonderfully gracious mother-in-law so all of my attention could be on the birthday party attendee. I imagined it would be like a casino (now, I have not ever entered a casino, but I would imagine it to be kinda dark, no outside light, no clocks on the walls, a haze of smoke across the room, the tacky carpet in shades of maroon and hunter green...) I was wrong to a certain degree- it wasn't terribly loud (of course it was 9:30 am), the workers were all very pleasant, the games and rides weren't disgustingly stained with snot and drool. Miles didn't know quite what to think, but once he figured out that the tokens made the cars move, he was all in. He was very particular about which games got his tokens, though. Once it was time for pizza and cake (and yes, it was about 10:30 a.m.), it took some convincing to get him to the food table. Once we got there, everything was going good. We both ate a slice of pizza (at 10:30 a.m.) and a piece of cake (at 10:30 am)...then Chuck E. himself came out- and, oh, did Miles have his game face on!! But no major upsets. He played a little more and I could tell he was really getting the hang and I was going to have "that" child once the time came to get out of there! BUT luckily- I had been collecting the tickets at the few games he played that gave them out (and stolen a few from the games where kids forgot to get them after playing--- I know, I know). Lucky me, his 26 tickets got us 2 of the smallest tootsie roll suckers you could get!

I'm sure you're wondering now what all this has to do with me being sick....

Soon after we left, I felt it coming...I was quite the unpleasant sickly person all afternoon. I called our family doctor on his cell on a Saturday afternoon to tell him I had food poisoning. He told me lots of doctor jargon and said I didn't, it was just a reaction my body had to......maybe the pizza (yes, it was the pizza), maybe the cake (doubt it...), or maybe the combination of having it all at 10:30 in the morning?! Anyway you put it, I doubt you will see the Darbys making any type of trip to Chuck E. Cheese any time in the near future- birthday party or not!

Dear precious Amanda,
If you read this, know that I love your darling middle child and I'm so glad we were able to celebrate her birthday with you and I will not forever hold it against you that because of this party I had to make that dreaded first trip and that I was sick all afternoon because of it! I know we will be back there sometime soon for another sweet friend's party, this was all just written in good humor and fun! I just probably won't participate in the "eating" part of the next party...
I love you, sweet friend!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Recipe Share!

(turn your speakers up for some nice classical numbers)

Who isn't always looking for a good recipe?! A few weeks back, I posted a status on facebook asking for some new recipes--- I was OVERWHELMED with responses, so I figured I'd share a few of the ones I have tried out! Hope you enjoy!! Feel free to share one back with me!'

This first one is from my lovely soon-to-be sister-in-law- Lauren. Now I'll admit- it wasn't my fave--- but definitely something different and one I'll try again- maybe cut down on the lemon and add some chicken!

Creamy Lemon Fusilli w/ Tomatoes and Spinach

2 tbsp. olive oil

2 cloves garlic, minced

2 c. heavy cream

3 lemons, zest and juice

1 tsp. salt

1/2 tsp. pepper

1 lb. fusilli pasta (or any kind of pasta, really)

6 oz. spinach (i used a little less)

1/2 c. grated parmesan cheese

1 pint grape or cherry tomatoes

heat the olive oil in a saucepan. add minced garlic and let simmer. add heavy cream, lemon zest and juice and salt & pepper. bring to a boil - lower heat and let simmer for 10 minutes. it should begin to thicken.

cook the pasta per directions. drain and return to pot.

add lemon/cream mixture to drained pasta and cook over med-low heat for 2-3 minutes, until most of sauce is absorbed.

add spinach and cheese immediately so the spinach will wilt and cheese will melt. add tomatoes. toss. serve. enjoy.

Baked Chicken with Garlic and Tomatoes

1 1/2 pounds combo of chicken drumsticks and thighs (I used breasts b/c that's what I had on hand)

1 cup halved cherry tomatoes

4 cloves garlic roughly chopped

1/2 teaspoon kosher salt

1/4 teaspoon fresh cracked black pepper

Two tablespoon olive oil

Two tablespoons dry white wine

PreHeat oven to 325 degrees. Rinse and pat dry the chicken. Place chicken in a baking dish. Place tomatoes around chicken. Sprinkle with chopped garlic. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Drizzle with olive oil and white wine. Cook for 45 – 60 minutes or until chicken is cooked through. If it starts to brown too much place foil on top to prevent burning.

(this next one is from my cousin murray ann- her mama is an excellent cook, too! and this recipe is SO good!)

Baked Chicken with White Wine, Mushrooms, Swiss, Etc.

-4-6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (uncooked)

-sliced mushrooms (8 oz square box or bag of fresh sliced; or, big jar of mushrooms....but i think the fresh r the best)

-swiss cheese

-1 can of cream of chicken soup

-1/2 cup of white wine (I may have added a tad bit more to make it a little more moist)

-pepperidge farm herb stuffing mix


-salt and pepper

Rinse the chicken breasts and pat dry, then sprinkle with salt and pepper. Mix cream of chicken soup with white wine. Place chicken in a baking dish and layer w/ sliced mushrooms, swiss cheese (1 or 2 slices per chicken breast), cream of chicken soup and wine mixture, then stuffing mix. Dot with butter; bake uncovered @ 325 degrees for 45 mins to 1 hour.

If stuffing mix gets sort of brown towards the end, cover the dish with foil and keep baking! I normally cut one of the pieces of chicken open after 45 minutes to see how much longer it needs to bake.

And one last one that ISN'T a chicken dish! Murray Ann passed this one on to me, too, that she got from here. It was probably my fave- maybe add a small can of tomato sauce- it was a little dry and could have used more sauce.) OH and make sure to have some good crusty french bread!

Okay--- I did Ragu spaghetti sauce, no green onions {bleh}, fresh garlic cooked in with ground beef, and had some fresh spinach on hand, so added it in the layers. And I got to use my fabulous Gail Pittman crock in Red Kaleidoscope pattern (that I'm so sad is discontinued...)

Baked Spaghetti

1poundground hamburger, uncooked
8 oz.tomato sauce (roasted garlic flavor, if possible)
8 oz.uncooked spaghetti, broken into thirds
8 oz.sour cream
4 oz.cream cheese
4green onions, chopped
2 oz.freshly grated parmesan cheese

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Brown ground beef in a frying pan until cooked. Drain fat. In a small saucepan, combine tomato sauce and cooked hamburger; simmer 10 minutes. Meanwhile, cook 8 spaghetti according to package directions. Mix in a bowl the sour cream, cream cheese, and chopped green onions. In a 2 quart casserole dish, layer spaghetti, half the sour cream mixture, and the meat sauce. Repeat layers. Top with parmesan. Bake at 375 degrees 25 minutes, until bubbly. Rest 10 minutes before serving.

Happy Cooking!! Wish I had taken some pics of my fabulous creations!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Second One...

What is it about this child that I just can't get enough of?! Now- don't get me wrong- I definitely love both of my children equally- everything about them and their little personalities (or BIG personalities as I'm beginning to see with Miles!) But with Mr. Owen I am finding myself more and more protective feeling than I was with Miles at this point (the 6 month mark). I am not "trying" to get Owen to do things (crawl, pull up, etc...) It's not that I don't want him to, it's just that I think with this one, I realize how quickly all those milestones come, and once they're here- they're gone just as fast and there's no returning to the days of having your baby be, well, a baby! I think I am feeling more and more comfortable in this new skin of "mom", also. Just for a reminder- with Miles, we had just moved into our home (out of my parent's house). So for the entire pregnancy with Miles and the first 6 months of his life- I had my mom right there and all the extra hands I needed at any given moment! Now- it is all me---don't get me wrong- I have all the help I need or want (or don't want...HA! {just kidding mama}) with both sets of parents living within a 10 mile straight line-- but, still- it's all on me to make sure they're bathed, fed, nurtured, don't watch too much tv, read to, loved, etc., etc., etc.

This morning after my quiet time (not trying to get "holier than thou" on this one-- believe me this is a consistent struggle in my life) I was staring at Owen and all of a sudden I felt this overwhelming love from God and realized that as much as I love my children and have a desire to protect them and love them- my Lord has that much MORE love for was almost a pinnacle perception---one that so many others have, but for me it was a completely fresh, new blessing for me today. Thank you Lord that even when I'm in a downright rut, You show me new ways that You love me. So today, my challenge to you (which came from the Lord through Proverbs 31 Ministries) is to not believe the lies that hold us captive in our ruts--- believe me- I've been in one- a self-defeating, pity-party, this isn't how I expected life to be kind of rut...

...we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ." 2 Corinthians 10:5

blessings and love to ya'll today!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Has is really been over a month?!

now, isn't this just the perfect picture of summertime?

Each time I blog, I have these new hopes that I will do it this time and continue on, posting weekly updates and such. Yeah right.

So here I am again- late at night alone with my thoughts! I have been making out our "to-do list" for Saturday. It's our last calm's really the calm before the storm...

In just a few short weeks, soccer will be back in full swing, school will be started back up, Owen will be 6 months (and everything that goes along with that- eating more, getting mobile, belly laughing), and before I know it we will have celebrated Miles' 3rd birthday and Christmas will be just around the corner!! Wow- and it's only July!

Once again, I find myself so thankful for these past several weeks. We've been sick an awful lot this summer, but with that sickness, Jared has been home a lot! Random sicknesses- strep, pneumonia, migraines...and luckily it was just with Jared and me! The boys have stayed so healthy (except a little fever with Miles and a 12-hr stomach bug). We have really enjoyed some good family time between the 4 of us! I emailed Jared earlier today telling him of 2 nights during the week that were going to be strictly devoted to our own family time once fall comes around. We can get so busy going and doing that we forget to be purposeful in our lives! The last thing I want is for us to get 10 years down the road and not remember any of it!

Well I'll leave you with a few pics-- I'm going to bed!

Good night, ya'll!

Owen looking on with longing eyes...
my precious boys!
all 3 of my precious boys! we love the bookstore!