Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Updates on Life! girl has no name yet...

With Miles and Owen- we just knew.  Their names fit.  We didn't really have any complications with them!  Sweet little girl though...and we can't think of anything really that we are just crazy about!  I know it will come...but a good friend told me of someone she knew who actually was allowed to bring their baby home from the hospital without a name!  I can't imagine!  I'm a lover of all things monogrammed- especially on little girls, and especially little bloomer diaper covers!

So I'm certain she will have a name...soon.

I've even tried to pass the task off to Miles, hoping that whatever he says will stick...but apparently Miles has learned Arabic somewhere in his daily living of life...and speaks in it when I ask him questions throughout the day.  (at the end of saying the know that sweet little one "God our Father, God our Father, once again, once again"...well at the end, instead of saying "A-men" {long a}, he says "allah-men, allah-men". I had never thought anything of it until my dad said something after the blessing and snickering at our Father's day dinner!)

Speaking of Father's day--- how did you celebrate??  I wish, oh I wish, I had been better about taking pics that day!  Oh was our end of VBS program, Miles had an ultimate throwdown at church because he wasn't getting to go to VBS that day, Jared's stepmom went to hospital because of a stroke (she's doing much better and is home now, thankfully)...hmmm...and I don't exactly know where my camera is right now. But we still managed to have a good meal that evening- a man's meal-- wings, chips, beans...and we got to celebrate with my dad and Jared's stepdad- so it really did end up being a good day!  For gifts, each dad (including Jared) got a tape measure (cause what dad doesn't like a tape measure??) that had a tag on it:  "You really measure up!"  I thought it was cute!!!  Jared also got an apple TV- anyone else out there have one of those???  He hasn't shown me everything it can do yet- so I'm still waiting to be impressed!  HA!  We had a lovely date night Saturday night- complete with BBQ and ice cream!!  What could be better??

And we get to have another one this weekend!!  Our anniversary is Saturday- 6 blissful years!  We are celebrating on Friday night- headed to the B&B we went to on our wedding night!  I can't wait to just spend some "us" time together!  Life has slowed down this week from the craziness of soccer tryouts (I won't get started on that...and parents who think their kids are allstars...remind me of this when my kids are really)  but we are in desperate need of some time away from the house- even if it is just a little ways down the road!

This is the best pic that has both of us smiling in it that I have saved on the computer!

  It's amazing to think about all of the major life changes that have happened in the last 10 years!  Lord-willing- I pray that these ten years have seen the most changes that I will see in life!  Think about it- everyone goes through these:
living at home- under mom and dad's rules, cheering at football games, dreaming about what is to come over the next few years, then graduate from high school, go to college (in my case- move off, go to school with NO ONE you know) live with complete strangers who will become some of your dearest friends in life- no matter what, fall in love (in my case- with a blast from the past), make life-altering decisions (because let's face it- to get married or not to get married is a life-altering decision no matter who you are!  of course mine was a no-brainer!), graduate from college, get married, move away from mom and dad ("leave and cleave"- which I feel like we did really well!), become completely dependent on your polar opposite (paula abdul comes to mind), get a real job- that actually gets a paycheck and deposits money into a retirement account ("i thought I was only 22??"), buy our first house, decide that it's time for a baby (whaaaat??), move back home (literally for us- moved in with my parents for a year while waiting for our house in AL to sell), start a competitive soccer club (who knew?), buy our second home, decide it's time for a second baby, live life...oops-- we're pregnant again?! (Yes, Jared's boss told him he needed a hobby).

I mean...I'm seriously hoping that the next ten years aren't filled with that much change!  Don't get me wrong--- there's nothing I would change!  It all lead to this point in life!  And I love it!  But...I'm ready for some rhythm.  

family pic from last fall

Anyone with me??

**sorry for lack of pics on this one-- like I mentioned-- don't exactly know where the camera is--and I'm not too tech-savvy just yet on my Iphone.   I know it's easy-- just not there yet!

Some Summer Inspiration...

I have gotten back on a "blog-hopping" kick...found all sorts of inspiration for some much-needed help around this house in updating some decor and just finishing up some rooms and spots throughout the house!  I'm making myself a hopefully that will help keep me on track!!  Here are some different blogs where I've gotten my "inspiration"!!  ((((and I'm loving the John Wayne saying she has posted on the mother in law is a HUGE fan of the Duke and has passed that love on to my 3 year old- I mean seriously- what kid wants to sit and watch old cowboy movies in black and white???  I'm NOT 3 and can hardly handle it!  I'm thinking I'm going to have to do something with that saying for our "man room"!))))

and that's just to get you started....they have all sorts of links to a bajillion other're welcome...


If you're a foodie...I've come across a few new-to-me blogs---

I like the Sunday Baker because she has two growing boys whom she is trying to keep fed with HEALTHY foods!!!  I'm constantly racking my brain on new ways to keep Miles from only having PBJ and trail mix (which I do keep pretty healthy)!   In are a few things I've recently tried to incorporate...besides chicken nuggets =)

Grilled PB and Apples:
wheat bread (this is what I grew up eating...check the label to make sure the 1ST ingredient is whole wheat flour--- nothing enriched-  means it's been processed more)
little bit of butter and brown sugar

Now...something you may not know about moi is that I am allergic to fresh fruit.  Yes, that is a real thing.  My mom found it here.  Which TOTALLY sucks because I love fruit...all types (not crazy about peaches though...and yes, I know I'm from the South and should anyway...)  And I especially love banana pudding, but have found that even that can make my mouth itch like crazy!!  (No, I'm not going to die or anything if I have fruit like people who have, say, peanut allergies or anything, it's just terribly annoying!!)  So, while you don't have to do this first step, I do.  And I must say- I really like it this way because I'm a sucker for something sweet...

I sliced up my apple, while my butter was melting, added some brown sugar to butter, and sauteed my apples for about 5 minutes, til they were tender.  Something about cooking them gets rid of whatever I'm allergic to.

Then I slather PB onto both sides of the bread, put the apples on the PB, sprinkle cinnamon, and put back in pan I sauteed apples in.  It soaks up the leftover brown sugar and butter and is DELISH!  And sorta healthy! Peanut butter, apples, wheat bread...yep- I'm thinking that covers a couple food groups anyway!  And simple enough for a quick lunch!  

English Muffin Pizzas
english muffins (duh) (and like I said before- we're using all whole wheat breads)
leftover spaghetti sauce (or you can open a new jar  =)
cheese (whatever you have)

I personally like to toast my english muffins in toaster first, but you can broil them in oven/toaster oven if you prefer.  Then spoon sauce on, sprinkle cheese, put under the broiler for a few minutes- and BAM you're done.  And this is sooo easy for little hands to help with!  

Few other things I've got on hand--
Homemade Mac and Cheese (really trying to stay away from the blue box that features toy story characters!), garden fresh tomatoes (when I can bum them off of someone-- same goes for any other type of veggies and fruit!), edamame (I think Miles likes to eat this just because it's fun to say...I like to get the already shelled {because you get a LOT more than the shelled} in the steamable bag- do it according to directions, then put on a cookie sheet, drizzle with olive oil, sea salt, and cracked pepper- bake those suckers on 375 for about 20 minutes {stir after 10 minutes)- DELISH)

.......anything you want to add to the mix here?!?!  Please share!!  

Now...while I semi-harped on eating's a treat for ya...have you seen this blog??  I came across it looking for free fonts (which are fantastic), but her blog is soooo much fun to read...check out these- anything that combines brownies, oreos, and chocolate chips-'ve got my attention!!  Check the recipe out here.

NOW---- go get to getting inspired!!!  

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Friend's Adoption

If you'll remember back a few months ago, I posted about adoption and what it means to me.  I encouraged any readers who are adopted, who are adopting, etc, to share their story!  There is a family at our church who is leaving TOMORROW headed to China to pick up their sweet little boy, Paxton!  Our church family can't wait to greet them home in just a couple weeks with their newest addition!  Bethany shared a little of their story with me:

God planted the seed of adoption in our hearts during the summer of 2008 after Stephen Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman lost their little girl.  We also lost our first child, since then I have had a heavy heart for others who experience such a great loss.  I began reading the Chapman’s blog almost daily and was touched by his love for orphans.  Craig and I began discussing the possibility of adopting and knew it was something we would like to do. 
Craig and I discussed adoption several times over the next two years, but we never felt the time was just right.  At the beginning of February 2010, adoption became a regular conversation between Craig and me.  Craig said, “If God is calling us to adopt, he is going to have to almost speak out loud to me.”  Well, God almost did…..  Our son was going to be baptized on February 28, this is also the day we lost our first son, Noah. We went to church that Sunday morning with heavy hearts.  We were so excited to have our son baptized, but we still mourned the loss of our little Noah.  After Hayden’s baptism, we opened the church bulletin.  Inside the bulletin was a flyer advertising an adoption meeting at a local church for anyone interested in domestic or international adoption.  We both looked at each other with tears in our eyes, and we KNEW it was time.  God could have chosen any day for the flyer to be in the bulletin, but He chose February 28. 
People ask, “Why China? Why not America?”  God placed China on our hearts, we have no explanation.  God revealed to us without question we were to adopt from China.  That is another exciting story.
          I questioned whether I could love another child as much as I love the three I gave birth to.  God showed me I can!  I have had doubts if we would have the money we needed throughout the adoption.  God has provided! God has shown Craig and I so much through this process, and we both have shed many tears of excitement, frustration, and JOY!  This journey has been beautiful on so many levels.  I thank God that he chose US to adopt one of his precious children, what an incredible blessing!   

 So will you join with me in praying for the Mathis family as they travel tomorrow to bring Paxton to his forever family?  Pray that the Lord will make his little spirit adaptable to all the changes he will be going through just in the next two weeks as they travel with him throughout the country and home to the US, as he has never left the orphanage he lives in!