Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Now, if you're the mom to, or ever have been the mom to, a kid--- you've probably got some hilarious stories from your kiddos childhood days.  Just thought I'd share a few of our "kid-isms" from the past couple weeks:

Miles:  some of his favorite phrases these days include-- "well....why not?" {said in the cutest question voice ever}, "that's not my choice", "i need to reeeeeaaaach"
Cute story:  Last night, my mom and dad brought him home from their house after supper.  Now, Miles is on a bit of a food strike these days- all he wants are french fries and fruit- the fruit part is fine- but the french fries, well...there could be better choices!  But considering this- he ate a great supper last night- butterbeans, english peas, a couple bites of chicken tetrazini, pears...but as they passed by the MickeyD's on the way to our house, mom heard the quietest "I'm hungry" from the backseat.  She and dad just continued on with their conversation.  They heard it again a little bit down the road, "I'm hungry, I want McDonalds."  Oh the power of suggestion!  {Meme and Jimbo did not cave...she told Miles that all the McDonald's people had to go home and go to bed, too!  Nice save, Meme!}

Owen:  of course, he has no favorite phrases these days- but I love watching him respond to his name and different voices!  He doesn't "talk" as much as Miles seemed to do, but when he does talk- it's usually very loud!  He is sitting up beautifully and has been since about 4 months- but the crawling thing is a different story!  Oh, how he tries!  He can scoot backwards all day long, can turn around in circles on his belly...but try to go forward--- it's a no go!  He gets so upset, too!  He is pretty relaxed and laid back all the time, except when he wants to get somewhere!  And it's a MAD cry!  So pitiful!  You can't help but chuckle and feel bad for the little guy!  He'll get it all too soon, and my world will change once again!  I think Miles is his favorite person (besides me).  His face lights up when he hears Miles voice or sees him!  He can't wait to be in the middle of all the action!  But for now, I'm enjoying him as my hip baby! 

Now- leave a comment with your favorite "kid-ism" from lately, or one you remember of yourself from when you were a kid!!  Look forward to hearing yours!  Or if you want to leave a link to your blog--- do that!  I'll come on over and follow YOU! 

**Sorry no pics...I've been terrible about pics lately- my mom has been taking them 
like crazy, though!  I'll have to get a hold of her card soon!**

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allison said...

Those are so cute :-). I just have my favorite quote from Maynard right now. He's started covering his ears and saying 'he's making my ears cry' when Jackson is fussing. So cute, but it also makes me feel a little bad for him.