Friday, November 26, 2010

Now it's time...

...time to start the Christmas planning for gifts, parties, meals, and cards!  Who doesn't love getting Christmas cards??  Plus, for us, Shutterfly is one of the retail partners with our favorite store so that gives me even more incentive to buy PLENTY when I buy this year's cards! (because let's face it, I never order enough and always have to order a last minute pack of 20 from that store I try not to go to! {not Target...the other one})

I think this is my favorite

 AND my good friend Sara drove up earlier this fall and took us to the park for a photo session!  She took some great pictures-- I haven't decided yet which to use, so I may have to use a card that holds multiple pictures....

I did just order a photo book for Owen...poor thing- Miles has 2 and we barely have any pictures even printed out of Owen!

So what photo gifts do you plan to buy for folks this year? 

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Kristie said...

I've about decided not to send Christmas cards this year. Is that being a scrooge? It's just so time consuming...picking out the perfect card, the perfect pictures and scrambling for addresses, not to mention trying to get them out before Christmas! And then you forget someone or run out of cards and someone gets there feelings hurt.
*Maybe I should rethink this decision...or maybe not! ;-)