Thursday, November 13, 2008

Month of Birthdays!

November marks momentous occassions in our family- Miles' birthday is November 1 and Jared's is November 12! Jared has been notorious the past couple years for continuous celebration of his birthday beyond the actual day of his birth!! This year, however, it decreased from the whole month to just a couple weeks (actually from Miles' birthday until yesterday!) We had a cowboy party for Miles' birthday celebration! Complete with a cow birthday cake, s'more party favors, and haybales in the backyard in the "corral". I had so much fun getting ready for and planning his party! Jared did think I was going a little too far when I suggested a petting zoo and hayride- we'll save that for when the kids actually get what's going on!! But everything went off very smoothly- a little cake disaster (wrong type of cake ordered)- but crisis averted thanks to Mom keeping Miles for a few hours and Sam's having the perfect cookie cake already made (just in case we ran out of cake, which of course we didn't, so we ate cookie cake and birthday cake for a week!) Miles got sooooo many new toys- it was so overwhelming and what a blessing!! So I think I may encourage family to get him clothes (12-18mo. or 18 mo. or summer clothes) or to contribute to his college account for Christmas- especially while he is this young and can't complain about not getting the latest "cool" toy!!! Is that odd!? I'm halfway doing it for my sanity so people don't feel as though they are walking into a toy store when they enter our home!! But we had lots of friends and family join us for his party- Miles sure is a special little boy to have all these people love and care for him!

Miles had half of his 8" "smash cake" devoured in about 3 or 4 minutes! Last night when we had Jared's cake (which was exactly like Miles' smash cake), Miles didn't understand why HE wasn't getting the whole cake like he did last time! Amazing!

After his party, we had a little celebration for Jared while his parents were in town. Jared and I were able to celebrate his birthday together on Tuesday (since Jared has been in the working world, he has had Veteran's day off, which is fortunate since it always falls close to his birthday!). We went to Houstons in Memphis and enjoyed a fabulous lunch! Our dear friend Jessica kept Miles so we could do this! He enjoyed playing with Lucas and Emma Grace for the second day in a row!

I was so excited today when I found the Sirius satellite channel that is playing Christmas music! It helped me not feel so silly for wanting to go ahead and decorate for Christmas! I haven't seen my decorations in almost 2 years since we were living with Mom and Dad this time last year! But I also have another excuse for decorating early! We are having a Christmas party on December 5- so if you are reading this, please feel free to drop by!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another Rainy Day

I guess rainy days just inspire me to sit around and think about what I could post on our blog! Ilove to sit in our kitchen on rainy days- we have two huge windows (without any window treatments...hint hint mom!) and you just feel like you're in the middle of the rain- without getting wet of course! I have found Miles just sitting at the back door or staring out the window on these type of days, but now he is napping! Maybe it will be another 3 1/2 hour one like yesterday- but probably not! If only he would tell me before those big naps- "Mom, I'm going to sleep for a while, so you go get lots of stuff done!" Oh well!

Here are a few pics from last week when we went to Canton to visit family:

Miles helping Mamawcharlotte get supper ready.

Miles and Mamawcharlotte playing the piano. She would play something, then he would play back- it was really amazing! Of course that only happened a couple times... =)

Wesley (my cousin), Uncle John, Aunt Suzanne (dad's sister), Uncle Bob (dad's little brother), Uncle Bill (dad's older brother), Tommy (dad's cousin), dad, mom, me, Miles, Mamawcharlotte (dad's mom) and Pop (dad's dad) It's always a treat to visit with lots of the family! What a special heritage we have to pass on to Miles!
Ready to go to the Canton Flea Market in his "hoppa-grass" outfit (When I taught in Greensboro, the children there had their own "language": "hoppa-grass"- grass hopper, "bus left"- the bus is going to leave me; I received quite the education while there!)
"I LOVE my Uncle Clif!" Precious! He hugged Uncle Clif completely unprompted!

This was HILARIOUS! We were at Great Mama's house and Miles decided to climb into the table. It will be interesting to see if he can still do this at Christmas time! This kept him busy and us rolling and snapping lots of pictures for at least 20 minutes! "MeMe- I don't want to sit down in the rocking chair!" This rocking chair was my great uncle's chair when he was little!
Honestly, do these people have nothing better to do with their time?!

These are some pictures from last weekend's birthday festivities! Emma Grace turned 2, and Madelyn and Amelia Ray turned 1! Happy Birthday!

Miles and Daddy on the bouncy slide. Miles didn't quite know what to think!

It was nap time for ALL these boys! Miles, Ethan, and Max- none of them cooperated for picture time! Ha!

Then these are proof that our child marches to his own little drum! Mom and I went to eat yesterday and thought we'd sit outside- something different for Miles (and also to distract him a little- oh the things we'll do!) He does not like to sit for long periods of time (what baby does) and after about 5 minutes decides he needs to wiggle out of the straps of whatever is holding him in SAFELY in place and stand up. So I pushed the high chair under the table as much as possible, and this is what he decided to do instead:

And last but not least, this one is for you Sara Hudson!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Rainy Tuesday Morning

I'm sitting here watching Miles eat his breakfast- he is having a blast with a piece of toast! Now, don't worry, he's had his banana yogurt, too! (Yuck if you ask me, but I'm not a yogurt eater!) I'm also not a salad eater, but hopefully I can get Miles eating them before he realizes that mommy doesn't eat them! There are so many things that I don't "do" that I do hope Miles will! Another example: I am not an animal person. Never have been! I was about Miles age when a dog "attacked" me at my grandparent's house and I have never like them since! Yes, I have caught lots of flack about this over the years, but I can't change my skiddish nature around animals- especially dogs. But Miles LOVES them. So I am trying so hard to overcome my fears so I don't pass them along to him! Our friends Sam and Hollie have a little dog, Tallulah, who joined us at Jared's soccer game last night. Miles had so much fun watching her. He did good, too, by not pulling her hair! I wish now I had gotten a picture of him and Tallulah! Here's a pic of Miles at Daddy's soccer game and a pic of Jared with his team. I tried to get Miles in the foreground, with the team in the back, but he's just too quick!

We are going on a little trip this week! Tomorrow afternoon we are headed to Canton to spend the night with Mamawcharlotte and go to the famous Canton Flea Market on Thursday where I'm sure we will see other family members and different friends from over the years! I plan on getting most of my Christmas shopping done while there, too! I did some this past weekend at Mistletoe Market at the agricenter in Memphis. (And of course found a precious Christmas outfit for Mr. Miles! I'm sure you'll see it on a Christmas card!) Mom and Dad are headed to Hattiesburg sometime Thursday to see Clif and go to a concert with him of a famous classical guitarist whose name has left me at the moment! And of course Miles can't be so close to Uncle Clif and him not drive over to see him! So we'll see Clif on Friday! Jared is looking forward to the two (full) nights of sleep, seeing as Miles has woken up every morning at 4:00 for the past 2 weeks! And around here, that's just a little too early! Miles is cutting another couple teeth I believe. He's also taking a couple steps at a time- but of course, only when HE wants to take those steps! There's no coercing him when he gets noodle legs! It's really funny and he gets so tickled at himself! I think we have a little clown in the making! He is starting to "dance" a little bit to the music and any kind of sing-song I sing (I was a cheerleader, what can I say). We're hoping he doesn't get Jared's mad dance skills (did you catch the sarcasm?), but I guess only time can tell! Well we've got to make a run to Sams for formula and then back home to pack for the short trip- although by the trunk of the car, I'm sure it will look like we're leaving for a month!

Friday, September 26, 2008

pictures of miles!

This is my most favorite recent picture of Miles! It shows off all his teeth...well now he's got a couple more, but all of them at the time! This is our silly little boy! We read a book this morning that had a mischevious little fox in it...I asked Miles if he was going to be mischevious! His daddy would say no, because he is too loud; but I think he'll learn to be quiet when he needs to be!

This was a sad LeBonheur getting fluids because he was dehydrated. BEYOND pitiful! (Labor Day)

After I let him try to feed himself...what was I thinking??

This is an outfit that Mamawcharlotte (my dad's mother) made for my cousin Justin, then his little brother Wesley, to wear 26 years ago! I'd say it's held up pretty well! Doesn't he pose well?!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

August Update!

Update for Miles: He is EVERYWHERE and into EVERYTHING! Last Saturday, Jared and I were standing in the kitchen evaluating his painting job (I mean, 3 feet away, for less than a minute), and it got very quiet in the dining room/Miles' playroom. He has been checking the stairs out, but hadn't figured out how to get around to the front of them. Well, he figured it out! He took off- and by the time Jared got to him, he was on the eighth stair up! AH! So this "feat" prompted a trip to Target (the nice new one in Olive Branch!) to buy a gate. Well I am not entirely pleased with this gate because it doesn't fit our stairs very well. But it is keeping him off of them for the time being! Those stinkin' gates are soo expensive! Who would have thought?! But I guess the baby business people are getting theirs! I think "they" know "they" can charge whatever "they" want because "they" know new moms are going to buy anything "they" say is necessary. What a business...kinda like the wedding business?! I just wish I could have made my millions with one of these "necessary" items! =) Well, I feel a little bit like I'm making my own way and sticking it to the man...I've been trying my hand at making my own baby food for Miles after hearing a friend, Jessica Haines, talk about how much money she is saving doing this! We'll see how long this streak lasts!

He is cutting a top tooth now. He's starting to stand for a second or so on his own, but once he realizes that's what he's doing, he plops down! We've got all types of bumps and bruises, which is so hard for me to handle, but I've been told they just get worse! Ah! He loves to walk around with the help of someone- he'd rather do that sometimes than crawl! Good for him, bad for lower back. He already loves to read. (And I am convinced that he is reading already!) I'll find him in his room pulling books off the shelf, or sitting in our room with a book. His favorites right now are "10 Little Lady Bugs" and "Goodnight Moon". Hopefully this is the beginning of a lifelong desire to read and learn?! Well, at least when he's in those pre-teen years and refusing to do his summer reading, I can show him pictures of him as a 9 month old reading on his own, with no pressure from mom and dad!

Update for LG: I've got a job at Horn Lake Intermediate, where I taught third grade last year. I will be a TST coach, working with students in the TST program who have failed a grade or who need some extra intervention. I will work 1 day a week right now, but hopefully 2 days will open up, which would be ideal! I'm hosting Bunko here this weekend for ladies in our SS/BFG class, which is why Jared has been painting the kitchen. It is a lovely olive green color and he has done a fabulous job! We have a rather large kitchen and breakfast room, so it has taken him all week to get it finished. Mom's helping me get the window treatments done, so it is all coming together! I think I'm doing a pretty good job of being patient and taking my time picking things out for our home. It's hard, but I'm doing it!

Update for Jared: He is staying super busy at work. And after work. If he's not on the soccer field coaching, he's out in the yard working on landscaping. It has been so hot outside that he could only work an hour or so at a time! But it has cooled off, so hopefully he'll be able to wrap that little project up soon! Soccer season is underway. His team, the Olive Branch Rage, is U13, so he is coaching a few of the kids who moved up from the U11 team last year. They start their games up in a few weeks. I'll try to get some action pics of Jared coaching!

I'll post some pics later! Can't find the camera at the moment!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's Been a Busy Few Weeks...I Think!

It seems as though lots of things have happened since I last blogged, but not really...but here's a little update anyway!

Miles is cutting 2 teeth---it looks like such a small headline, what, with only a few words, but it's been a HUGE deal! If you have children you understand! So we have been a little fussy (and yes, I said we...), but when he isn't fussing over the teeth, he is workin' his tongue over them exploring this new feeling on his tongue! He is growing so fast! He is about 20 pounds now and he is crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything he can!

"Miles...let me snap this cute picture real quick before you start fussing!"

Miles crawling away from the camera! He moved a little quicker than I thought he would before I could take the pic!

Just a good pic of Jared and me before Steph's wedding! Jared thinks we look very Republican! He's so funny!

Dianne, Jared's mom, has been here for several days and we have so enjoyed having her here!Uncle Clif also came home for a visit after his guitar competition at East Carolina University. Miles is beginning to smell a little bit more...with all the spoiling going on around here!!! However, he is making friends at Sunday School! We had a good friend keeping nursery this morning who has a son who was born just a few weeks after Miles; she said that the boys were "wrestling" this morning during church! We'll have to get these two together more often! It's so neat to watch their personalities shine and mature!

Jared has also received a great honor at work! He has been selected to the Land Use Committee for the State Legislative Branch. Jared is the youngest planner (by profession) in Mississippi. This new appointment will require him to be in Jackson some while the State Senate is in session beginning in August. This was such an honor and a bit of a surprise! Yay Jared!

Congratulations are in order....I had two dear friends get married yesterday! Congratulations Blaire and Kevin Jett! They were married yesterday at 5:30 in Spartanburg, SC. I am so happy for you both! Have a blast in Aruba! Also, congrats to Stephanie and Adam Donyes! I didn't get to meet Adam, but I better the next time ya'll are in town! I love you both (couples) dearly and wish you all the best!

Kevin and Blaire Jett

Adam and Stephanie Donyes

Monday, June 30, 2008

After a fabulous weekend at the Tomato Festival

Yes, that's right, we went to the 150th annual Tomato Festival in Crystal Springs, Mississippi, this weekend! It was everything I hoped it would, fried food, and booths set up with things I absolutely did not need down the main street of Crystal Springs! Clif's best friend from college is now the youth minister at the presbyterian church there, so Clif and Aaron were set to run in the 5K there that morning. So Mom, Dad, Miles, Jared, Molly (Clif's friend), and I woke up early Saturday morning and drove from Madison to Crystal Springs to join Clif and Aaron and my cousin Ashley at the Tomato Festival. Miles did really well...until about noon. It was nap time and eating time. (I wouldn't let him have any of my chicken on a stick!) So Jared and Miles went back to the church and took a nap in the nursery (yes, both of them) while Mom and I continued to look and wait for things to be monogrammed!

I was definitely reminded of the Mullet Festival that my roommates and I attended in the fall of that sounds so long ago! We were on our way to the beach for fall break and saw the sign for the Mullet of course we had to attend. Now, mind you, a mullet is a type of fish. But of course there were mullets for miles! We bought t-shirts and had a great time! I love looking back at pictures from that weekend! Oh, the fun times Patton 4 had!

This was definitely a classic summertime weekend. We visited family all over the Jackson area. Grandmama (Great Mama to Miles) in Madison, Clif came up from Hattiesburg, Mamawcharlotte, Pop, and lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins! From grilling shish kabobs and hamburgers, to eating watermelon in the house my grandfather was raised in- it was definitely the type of weekend I remember from growing up and visiting family in Canton!

We came home a day early, however, so Miles could get back on his little schedule! He slept okay the first couple nights, but as the weekend went on, he got more and more out of sorts! But it was definitely a fabulous weekend. I so look forward to more of those as he gets older and we have more children to share our heritage with!

Pictures from the weekend:

Miles with Granddaddy, Mom's dad.
Miles, me, and Pop, Dad's dad.
Miles and Uncle Clif at the Tomato Festival.
Miles and Jared sacked out at First Presbyterian, Crystal Springs, MS.
Oh yeah, Miles took his first dip in the pool at the hotel where my parents were staying!

He loved it!

An explanation of the music you hear...

So I was looking at friends blogs this morning after I put Miles down for a nap and wanted music on my blog like they had! So after sitting here trying to figure out what songs I should add, let me explain my choices.

"Back in Black", ACDC- Jared's "go to" song. Anytime there is an awkward pause or he just needs a little attention, Jared busts out with his air guitar and his rendition of "Back in Black"

"Cello Suite" Bach/Yo Yo Ma- Clif played this beautiful song at my wedding! It's also on a dog food commercial... =)

"Fly Me to the Moon", Frank Sinatra- I have loved listening to "Siriusly Sinatra" on my Sirius radio since we got the 75

"What a Wonderful World", Louis Armstrong- just a favorite!

"Summertime", Miles Davis- I just love listening to Miles Davis and what's more appropriate than his song "Summertime"?

and finally...(for now)

"Last Name", Carrie Underwood- I just thought this would be a fun song to add!! other reason behind it! I love Carrie Underwood...I'm definitely a country-music-listening gal!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Summer is here!

This is Miles in his exersaucer on the kitchen table while Meme is cleaning the floors.
I came home from my last day of school and here he was with this sign
"School's Out! You're all mine now! Yea!"

Well today is OFFICIALLY my first day of summer vacation! Memorial Day doesn't count since it's a holiday I would have had off anyway! So Miles and I celebrated by climbing back in bed after breakfast for a nap while Jared got ready to go to work! I think he was jealous! We celebrated yesterday by visiting with Aunt Shannon, Uncle Ben, and Anna Lin. It was good to see them and for them to see Miles and how big he is getting! And, of course, Aunt Shannon had another sweet outfit for Miles! (He's wearing the Seahorse outfit today!) We had friends over last night for BBQ- Sam and Hollie Pennington. We also were able to take all of our visitors to our new house! Yes- I said new house! We close on Thursday and move in this weekend! I'll be sure to post pictures of the move next week! We are so looking forward to being in our new home and all of the memories we will make in this home! It is one we plan to stay in forever! I think Miles, Meme, and Jimbo will be the ones who take this move the hardest! We have really enjoyed our time here with Mom and Dad and have been so blessed to have them around during these first 7 months of Miles' life. Eating breakfast with Jimbo, playing chase with Meme, dancing on the piano...I told Mom this morning that she will have to come over and visit in the mornings- PJs and all! God is so good and He knew what He was doing when he blessed me with parents like mine. Miles has something his future brothers and sisters (hopefully) will never have in having this bond with my parents!

Miles playing in the floor today.

We'll let you all know when the Darby household is accepting visitors! Give us a few weeks to unload and then the doors will be open! Please come visit us! Better yet, what are you doing Friday and Saturday?? Bring a truck!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I can't belive it's May already!

As I sat in my faculty meeting after school, I came to the realization that today is MAY is May...the time of year when we receive end of the year check-out lists, book fine collection lists, report cards, etc...and my classroom still looks like it's February! Now I am excited about this time of the year...seeing as I only have a few more days until I can be at home with precious Miles...but I have so much to do over the next couple days! Ah! And here I sit- updating my blog... =)

Miles is just growing everytime we blink! He is six months old now. We have his six month pictures next week. He is a little wobbly, but sitting up. He loves being outside and feeling the wind on his face. He is talking a mile a talk of course. He still hasn't spoken those sweet words "ma ma" but he knows his "da da" sounds pretty well! And, boy, does he love his "da da"!

We've had lots of visitors over the past several weeks. Uncle Clif came home a few weeks ago, then Great Mama (my grandmama Terry) came to see Miles. She hasn't seen him since Christmas. Then Miss Tori and Mr. Lee came to see and meet Miles! I was so glad they came over! Then last week DiDi and Papaw Steve were in town and Miles got the special treat of staying with DiDi all week instead of going to Ms. Amanda's! They had a great time together and Miles got acquainted with his "Aunt Katie" (Papaw and DiDi's dog).

Uncle Clif comes back home this week after his final exams. He is staying in Hattiesburg for the summer to work with the youth at his church and keep his fingers strumming that guitar! Oh, but he will be help us move...hopefully soon! =) We'll keep you updated on that part of our lives...

So that's all for now! I'm sure I will log back in in a few weeks once school is out! May 23! Yay!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

So far this month...

So today I took a day off work to stay home with sweet Miles- he has had a cold, so we didn't want to take him to the babysitter's house. He has been absolutely pitiful! I think he's feeling a little better now- he had a blast in his jumper earlier, but is napping now. It was so wonderful to be at home with him today- just a little taste of life to come once school is out and I get to stay home with him! 33 school days left!

We definitely enjoyed NOT paying that house note this month! It killed us each month the past year paying for something we weren't using! We plan to stay here with mom and dad until the school year is finished. We are having fun looking for that great deal that is to be had out there with this market!

I had such a fun reunion with the girls of Patton 4 this weekend (r.i.p. P4). I had not been to Union yet since the tornado. There were roads closed and campus security there to tell us where NOT to drive, of course! It was amazing to see how quickly Union's leadership has worked to get things back to normal! I can't wait to return to see the finished product and to hear where the new "patton 4" will be!

Well, little bit is awake from his afternoon nap! Time to go!
*The picture is from cousin Kris and Melissa's wedding at Old Waverly a couple weeks ago!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We'll try this out!

Well, I'm not really good at keeping up with things like this, but I want to give it a try! I just wanted a way to keep friends and family who aren't on Facebook =) a way to keep up with us, but mostly sweet baby Miles! He's just growing bigger and bigger each day and it has been such a joy to watch him develop different skills, even at such a young age! These past 5 months have FLOWN by, and I know time won't stand still in the future...I look forward to every minute of it though!

Jared is keeping busy with work and his competitive soccer team, the Olive Branch Rage. He and his best friend from high school, Chris, are coaching an under 12 team. I'm wrapping up my 3rd year teaching. I'm at Horn Lake Intermediate teaching 3rd grade. I am looking forward to staying home with Miles this next year, though! I'll post pictures of him as soon as Jared brings our computer home from work!

Like I said...bear with me on keeping this updated!