Monday, October 18, 2010

"Help!! The Baby's Out!"

Babyproofing.  How much do you do?  Are you super safe?  Bumpers on every piece of furniture, locks on the toilets, finger-smusher proof doors?  Do you just do a few basics?  Cabinet locks, an occassional baby gate? 

I find myself in between.  We have a gate at the top of the stairs- but I hate it.  I mean- I'm glad Miles can't get down (yet) by himself.  But it would just take one climb or extra strong temper tantrum to send it going down the stairs!  The particular gate we have isn't one that you screw into the wall.  We will soon have to get another one for the bottom of the stairs when little mister decides to start crawling!  {{we're safe for now}}

Then in the kitchen, we have cabinet locks, but not everywhere; I wanted Miles to be able to have a cabinet all to himself.  And I tell you what, it has been the source of many imaginative, entertaining himself times that he has had!  That empty cabinet is his office, his tent (with any toy that makes light) and he lets me know when "stuff" ends up in his cabinet!  No fits- everything is just neatly stacked outside of the cabinet (he gets that "neat-stack" thing from his daddy!)

What about your fireplace?  How do you babyproof it?  Ours is open in the wall, with a chain screen (how the house came).  It's not like it gets cold enough here to use our gas logs-- maybe two or three times a year?!  We bought a screen- but it isn't very heavy- which is good and bad...good in that it won't hurt as bad if it fell over, but bad in that it could fall over and it would hurt!  I do wish it had a glass door---so tell me- how do you protect your little one from the fireplace??

But you know?  No matter how much "proofing" we do- baby will still have those accidents!  We had one yesterday- on an unsuspecting object!  Owen is trying so hard to get around.  He had wiggled himself close to the recliner in our room, his arms gave out, and he banged his face into the handle on the chair!  I was right there with him, but it happened so quick!  Do you have any of those type stories, or am I the only one?!  Surely not...oops- gotta go- another tearful bump awaits mama's kiss!!  Share your story with me!
Uh-oh!  Look below his eye- accident #1 of a million more to come, I'm sure!  Poor baby!  And the teething sure doesn't help the fussiness!


The Haines said...

We have baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs, locks on the cabinets (except for 2), door knob thingies, and had toilet locks. Jackson now knows how to unlock the baby gate, get into the cabinets and took the toilet lock off. Good luck! ;)

Marksberry Family said...

1. When Wyatt was about 7 months old (crawling everywhere), I locked him in the house... by himself. The fire and police department had to come and "break in to" my house.
2. No too long ago, Caleb hit a growth spurt. We didn't realize how tall he was, especially when it came to his crib. We had been meaning to lower the mattress to the bottom level, but just hadn't yet. Anyway, one morning when I went to get him, he stood up, leaned over toward me and flipped over the crib rail head first on to the floor.
Crazy how things happen in just seconds of time! Thank goodness kids bounce back quickly from most things!

Lindsey Grace said...

oh Jenn-- I'm so glad to hear other mama stories!! Owen started crawling FORWARD tonight-- so I know we have just started on our next round of bumps and bruises and tears with him! I'm glad you said that about Caleb's crib- we have GOT to lower Owen's!