Friday, August 21, 2009

It's been a while!

Well first of all, if you haven't heard yet...


This baby is due in February (the 17th to be exact, which is Mom's birthday as well!) We are beyond thrilled about this news! I was hoping to have an ultrasound picture to post with this update, but they haven't done one yet! I have an ultrasound scheduled for the end of September; they think they'll be able to tell what the sex of the baby is at that point! And of course we'll find out this go around! Maybe with the next one we'll make it a surprise!

Miles in his new favorite "chill-out" spot- the computer armoire!
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We are about to start back up with the "busy-ness" of life! I started teaching this past week; I am helping homeschool a friend's 7th grade daughter (who was actually a flower girl in our wedding!) I will be teaching her grammar, literature, and spelling. After just one week I learned a lot! Who knew there was so much Latin involved in spelling?! That's sure not how I taught my third graders or learned myself- but it makes so much sense! I will start back with my TST (intervention coach) position Monday. I will do 2 days a week this year. Miles will stay with Mom and Dianne those days and then go to Mother's Day Out at Trinity on the day that I teach Emily. I'm really looking forward to him going to MDO this year! I think it will be a great thing for both of us! Jared has started back with soccer as of beginning of August (not that we really ever have much of a break from it!) He is coaching the U12 Boys team this year. Their first game is Wednesday night. I'm looking forward to going to these games- especially when the weather gets cooler! I really think Miles will enjoy this season! We have a couple trips planned with the team for this year. And Jared thinks he will be headed to Disney World with a few of his kids in January for a tournament! I don't know that this will happen without me- seeing as I'll be just a "little" bit pregnant! HA! But we're looking forward to starting a fun season with the Rush!

So I guess the real reason for this blog was to fill you in on our wonderful news about the new addition to the Darby family! Hope you are all doing great!