Friday, October 1, 2010

It's FINALLY fall!!!


Fall for the Darbys means soccer (what's new), pumpkins, and birthdays!!!  Miles will turn 3 in exactly one month- we are planning a train-themed birthday for this year's festivities!  Jared will turn ___ Nov. 12 =)  It seems like the past couple years we have had multiple parties going on during the fall, but this year they have slowed down a little bit- maybe it is because it will pale in comparison to the parties we will have in the spring- talk about a major baby boom around Owen's birthday!  But we'll save that post for springtime!!

Tonight we had a fun-filled evening with friends at the Mid-South Fair!!  It was GREAT!  Now, we definitely spent WAAAAAY too much money and ate WAAAAAAY too much sugar- but hey- it only comes around once a year, right?!  This year was a blast compared to last year- Miles didn't get to ride hardly any rides last year- this year he was all about some rides!  It helped that we were with friends and that good ole' dad was there to ride with him!  Jared is going to be the BEST when the boys are older- I don't imagine the words "oh that's just too much to spend right now" will EVER come out of Jared's mouth when it comes to going to the fair!  He loves it!  He's such a big kid himself!  Our friends had older girls who were old enough to ride the rides, just not old enough yet to go walking around alone.  So Mr. Jared was the "cool" dad who wasn't their dad and took them on the big rides while the rest of us hung out by the kiddie rides!

Here are some pics from the evening!!  I hope you enjoy your fall!

 poor miles...he was passed out before we even GOT to the fair!  he had already had a full day of fun with dad!
 miles is in the cart between the green flower and the pink pole. 
 miles and his buddy jack
 jared and miles and jack on the boat...this one was close to being the end of it for miles.  
 my little sweetie!
 miles and jared on the ginormous slide!
 the only motorcycle i will ever let miles ride  =)
 enjoying a funnel cake for meme!!
out past bedtime...i'm paying for it now- he isn't sleeping good tonight!!

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