Wednesday, August 13, 2008

August Update!

Update for Miles: He is EVERYWHERE and into EVERYTHING! Last Saturday, Jared and I were standing in the kitchen evaluating his painting job (I mean, 3 feet away, for less than a minute), and it got very quiet in the dining room/Miles' playroom. He has been checking the stairs out, but hadn't figured out how to get around to the front of them. Well, he figured it out! He took off- and by the time Jared got to him, he was on the eighth stair up! AH! So this "feat" prompted a trip to Target (the nice new one in Olive Branch!) to buy a gate. Well I am not entirely pleased with this gate because it doesn't fit our stairs very well. But it is keeping him off of them for the time being! Those stinkin' gates are soo expensive! Who would have thought?! But I guess the baby business people are getting theirs! I think "they" know "they" can charge whatever "they" want because "they" know new moms are going to buy anything "they" say is necessary. What a business...kinda like the wedding business?! I just wish I could have made my millions with one of these "necessary" items! =) Well, I feel a little bit like I'm making my own way and sticking it to the man...I've been trying my hand at making my own baby food for Miles after hearing a friend, Jessica Haines, talk about how much money she is saving doing this! We'll see how long this streak lasts!

He is cutting a top tooth now. He's starting to stand for a second or so on his own, but once he realizes that's what he's doing, he plops down! We've got all types of bumps and bruises, which is so hard for me to handle, but I've been told they just get worse! Ah! He loves to walk around with the help of someone- he'd rather do that sometimes than crawl! Good for him, bad for lower back. He already loves to read. (And I am convinced that he is reading already!) I'll find him in his room pulling books off the shelf, or sitting in our room with a book. His favorites right now are "10 Little Lady Bugs" and "Goodnight Moon". Hopefully this is the beginning of a lifelong desire to read and learn?! Well, at least when he's in those pre-teen years and refusing to do his summer reading, I can show him pictures of him as a 9 month old reading on his own, with no pressure from mom and dad!

Update for LG: I've got a job at Horn Lake Intermediate, where I taught third grade last year. I will be a TST coach, working with students in the TST program who have failed a grade or who need some extra intervention. I will work 1 day a week right now, but hopefully 2 days will open up, which would be ideal! I'm hosting Bunko here this weekend for ladies in our SS/BFG class, which is why Jared has been painting the kitchen. It is a lovely olive green color and he has done a fabulous job! We have a rather large kitchen and breakfast room, so it has taken him all week to get it finished. Mom's helping me get the window treatments done, so it is all coming together! I think I'm doing a pretty good job of being patient and taking my time picking things out for our home. It's hard, but I'm doing it!

Update for Jared: He is staying super busy at work. And after work. If he's not on the soccer field coaching, he's out in the yard working on landscaping. It has been so hot outside that he could only work an hour or so at a time! But it has cooled off, so hopefully he'll be able to wrap that little project up soon! Soccer season is underway. His team, the Olive Branch Rage, is U13, so he is coaching a few of the kids who moved up from the U11 team last year. They start their games up in a few weeks. I'll try to get some action pics of Jared coaching!

I'll post some pics later! Can't find the camera at the moment!