Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Lazy Sunday Morning

Now, if you know me, you'll know that I would normally be at church right now...but the babies woke up with the yucks and Miles was coughing a good bit, so we decided I would stay home.  And while I missed being in SS with our kindergarten kiddos, and worshiping with our awesome church family, and listening to Bro. Chad bring the word- I have enjoyed a lazy Sunday morning and spending some QT with my boys!  What a sweet and precious time we had- and I enjoyed watching them play and interact!  Plus- I got lunch cooked, which hardly ever happens on a Sunday!  Thank you {crockpot}!  I'll let you know how this new recipe turns out!

Our morning was filled with a nap for Owen (a little earlier than usual), Miles playing outside on his trike (it's a beautiful day here!), and some good ole' brother time on mama and daddy's bed!  Daddy came home early and we're just enjoying being in the same room for a change!  Jared has plans to start "Fort Magnificent" this week.  He has taken a week off of work to take off on this endeavor.  Blueprints, lumber companies, borrowing big ole power tools, and everything.  I'll document with the camera and post later.  We're hoping for no trips to the emergency room...{fingers crossed}. 

Here are some pics from our morning!  Hope you all have a fabulous week!  We started ours off great!  And the boys are already feeling better having had a low-key morning, so we'll be back at the church house tonight!  I need to go now....crockpot is about to go off, and Miles is pushing Owen around in the walker- poor Owen.  Oh- and Miles is saying "Come here, honey" me. (love him) 

Fireman Miles, but he's on a train, not a fire engine or lion.

I wish that you could see the mohawk better!

Sweet brother time!

What better place to have a peanut butter sandwich, oranges, and wheat thins than the dining room table?!  At 10:30 in the morning?!

Daddy time!

Trying out this walker thing!  As with crawling, he can only go backwards!

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The Haines said...

sweet pics!! they are getting so big and are cute as ever. i have that exact diaper bag in that last pic btw. :) miss u guys!