Friday, September 26, 2008

pictures of miles!

This is my most favorite recent picture of Miles! It shows off all his teeth...well now he's got a couple more, but all of them at the time! This is our silly little boy! We read a book this morning that had a mischevious little fox in it...I asked Miles if he was going to be mischevious! His daddy would say no, because he is too loud; but I think he'll learn to be quiet when he needs to be!

This was a sad LeBonheur getting fluids because he was dehydrated. BEYOND pitiful! (Labor Day)

After I let him try to feed himself...what was I thinking??

This is an outfit that Mamawcharlotte (my dad's mother) made for my cousin Justin, then his little brother Wesley, to wear 26 years ago! I'd say it's held up pretty well! Doesn't he pose well?!