Wednesday, August 10, 2011

soccer, teeth-brushing...a day in the life...

Nothing big going on right now!  We have truly had a restful July- extremely HOT...but we've been able to stick around the house and just enjoy being at home!  We recently visited my grandparents and I had an aunt ask me what all I had been up to- and I could honestly tell her not much besides being a mom!!  I loved that answer!  I'm so glad that the good Lord has given me the opportunity to be at home with my sweet boys (and soon to be little girl) and be available to play and love on them all day!  I wouldn't trade this time for a single thing!

This summer I've been able to watch Miles grow and develop his communication skills- he'll be turning four soon and all of the developmental changes are just amazing to me!  No one has had to "teach" him how to sigh with his shoulders hung down (which is my favorite expression of his right now...shame on me  =) or teach him how to find humor in situations- one of his favorite phrases is "that's so silly, mommy!"- and his emphasis on certain syllables is what really gets me!  He loves gameshows right now- I think it's the clapping and excitement that gets him (i.e. Wheel of Fortune, that show with Cedric the Entertainer, etc).  Although there have been times of frustration over his behavior and feeling like he's reverting back to toddler ways (from being around little brother- like dumping toys out and the excessive whining), times where I see his growth make it all worth it!  And, knowing that soon, he'll be surrounded by other children his age 3 days a week and probably picking up on habits I won't be fond of that typical 3 and 4 year olds have!

Last week, we got him all signed up for soccer.   He'll be playing at a local church that's right up the road from us, so that will make practice and games convenient!  Jared is beside himself excited  =)  We already have shinguards and shoes (which of course, there's a story there...Jared doesn't believe in putting the child in a stroller Owen got lost in the shoe store, Jared stood guard at the front doors and sent Miles hollering for him throughout the store.  Owen was in the shoe stock room.  I was hosting bunko at our house that night- didn't hear this story til the next day.)  Then there was registering for soccer...I couldn't simply mail the form in...=)  So I loaded the boys up (to drive 2 miles up the road with no other errands planned for the day).  As I was putting shoes on, Miles insisted  that he wear his cleats.  Well apparently I need a lesson in simply tying shoelaces on cleats.  Luckily, Jared had already shown Miles how to do this, so he was able to coach me through...wrap the extremely-too-long laces around the shoe, then make sure the loops are under the tongue.  Glad I learned this early on in life.

Owen is at SUCH a fun age right now!  Of course, he thinks he is as big as his big brother, and able to do EVERYTHING Miles can:  jump on (and off) the bed, brush his teeth, hold the top of the banister going up the stairs, etc.  This morning, I was in the kitchen doing dishes and the boys were left to their own devices made it back to our bathroom (I did shut the door, so that means Miles someone opened the door for them!) When I realized where they were, I immediately thought "great- Owen is playing in the toilet or the bathtub" (both favorite pasttimes).  But no...this time, Miles was jumping on the bed (which he isn't supposed to do without me in the room) and Owen had climbed up onto the bathtub (our tub is connected with a little shelf area to our vanities) and was brushing his teeth...with Jared's toothbrush.  I posted a video of this on facebook- you can check it out- he was so proud of himself!!  (it's on my phone and I let Jared do all the techy stuff, so I haven't figured out how to get it from my phone to the computer!)  He was QUITE upset when I took it from him!!

Nothing new with baby girl right now!!!  I told my doctor yesterday that I was a little concerned over how big I seem to be getting this early on, and he told me that she was just sitting forward, so to tell anyone who comments on this to shut-up!  Gotta love him!!!  I have decided how I want her nursery to look- here's my inspiration room:  (have you BEEN on pinterest?!  it's so addicting!)  Now it's just getting there...but she does have a few more items in her wardrobe!  And some sweet sweet friends are hosting a shower at the end of the month!  The sweet girl won't be naked- that's for sure!  And her Meme has already said that any blue jeans bought for her will disappear until she's at least ten!!  Ha ha!!  ((I remember telling Jared once before we were parents that we may  have to eat pbj's every night of the week, but our kids will be dressed cute- not too hard with the boys (especially when you have friends with kids exactly a year older than your oldest!) and sweet grandparents who make sure they have special occasion outfits!  But watching my mom buy clothes for Molly Claire this early on has been priceless!))

Sorry there are no pics...I've been good about taking them...on my phone...(see previous statement as to why they aren't on computer!!!)  I'll have to get Jared to help me out with that!!