Tuesday, April 8, 2008

So far this month...

So today I took a day off work to stay home with sweet Miles- he has had a cold, so we didn't want to take him to the babysitter's house. He has been absolutely pitiful! I think he's feeling a little better now- he had a blast in his jumper earlier, but is napping now. It was so wonderful to be at home with him today- just a little taste of life to come once school is out and I get to stay home with him! 33 school days left!

We definitely enjoyed NOT paying that house note this month! It killed us each month the past year paying for something we weren't using! We plan to stay here with mom and dad until the school year is finished. We are having fun looking for that great deal that is to be had out there with this market!

I had such a fun reunion with the girls of Patton 4 this weekend (r.i.p. P4). I had not been to Union yet since the tornado. There were roads closed and campus security there to tell us where NOT to drive, of course! It was amazing to see how quickly Union's leadership has worked to get things back to normal! I can't wait to return to see the finished product and to hear where the new "patton 4" will be!

Well, little bit is awake from his afternoon nap! Time to go!
*The picture is from cousin Kris and Melissa's wedding at Old Waverly a couple weeks ago!