Saturday, November 13, 2010

Birthday Season

Well, we all made it out alive!  Birthday season is over for a short little while around the Darby house!  We will start back up strong in January, though, with all of Owen's little friend's first birthday parties, then his in February! 

Miles' birthday and train party was a success!  I will definitely say that this year's birthday experience was the best yet!  He knew what was going on, loved getting presents, and was so gracious of the gifts he received!  It was so much fun watching him open presents, but even better hearing him tell the gift-giver "thank you" on his own (most of the time!)  We celebrated his actual birthday with a trip to Cracker Barrel for breakfast with the grandparents.  Then Jared's parents came over for supper that night while Papaw and Jared worked on Fort Magnificent {separate post at a later date when I've recovered from the drama of it all}.  His actual bday was on Monday, which meant the party wasn't until the next Saturday.  So by the time the excitement of the day and presents had worn off, we turned around and did it all again!  But his party was so much fun!  We have been blessed with so many sweet friends and our church has got a bajillion kiddos right now- and we're overflowing with BOYS!

Jared's birthday was Friday and we had dinner at our house with my parents and his.  He requested spaghetti and fettuccini alfredo, so I was happy to oblige!  I will admit....I went store bought on all of my ingredients!  I usually do on my spaghetti sauce because I haven't found a homemade one yet that I'm sold on- and I've always loved my Ragu!  And I haven't done alfredo sauce before and, of course, all of the ingredients are t.e.r.r.i.b.l.e. for you-- I'm not really big on butter, so I couldn't imagine myself melting a whole stick of butter and then adding heavy cream, then eating it--- so I figured if I didn't have to see what was going in it, I wouldn't think about it as much???  Surely someone out there understands my logic???  Anyway--- pasta, salad, bread (which I did doctor up myself....didn't use your recipe Heather, but will soon), and birthday cake--- but oh not just any birthday cake- an orange creamsicle cake from Andrea (who also made Miles cake).  I will admit-- it was delish and I'm not really big on "orange"...I'm more of a classic chocolate girl!

The biggest hit around our house this year for gifts has definitely been the introduction to Nerf  I am finding little darts all over the house!  There was a major battle in our house last night after dinner (after Jared received his Nerf gun because Miles got one for his birthday).  Our number one rule is "No shooting Mama", and then "no shooting Owen until he's big enough to defend himself". 

Okay- so sorry there are no pics to go along with this post- there's a little screen on the computer saying that all my space is full????  And I am not a "computer nerd" so I have no idea how to fix this problem.  I dare not try tonight to learn!  So I will get back on here ASAP and show you some pics from our parties! 

Any fun birthday parties you've been to recently?! 

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