Monday, September 20, 2010

Ode to Jared

Tonight, as Jared was off coaching soccer and I was at home with the boys because it is September and it is still 95 degrees outside {RIDICULOUS}, I got to thinking about all the great things about him and the wonderful things he does for our family!  So here's my Ode to Jared and why I'm so proud of him right now!  (Okay, so it's not in song form, but you can hum "Thunderstruck" if you're so moved- it's his favorite...thus the music)

  • He and his friend Chris- who he has been friends with since they were little- started a soccer club a few years back.  Started with just a couple teams--- WINNING teams.  They were first known as the Olive Branch Rage.  After just 2 seasons, the Nike Rush in Memphis noticed them {they were coming to their tournaments and winning first place}  They soon came to Jared and Chris and asked to take them in under the umbrella of the Nike Rush.  So now, Jared is the director of the Rush Olive Branch, coaches 2 teams, and, while his teams aren't doing so hot this season, the club as a whole is still getting LOTS of recognition!  Jared has an interview on Thursday with a lady from the Commercial Appeal.  She told him today that there will be a full page write-up on them.  A photographer is coming out to their practice and everything!  Jared even met with the soccer coach from Christian Brothers tonight...if you're involved in the Memphis soccer world at all--- you know this was a big deal!  He has just taken notice of the club and is wanting to help develop soccer in the outlying areas of Memphis.  

So Jared, know that I am impressed with you...if we're going to have to share you, I'm so glad that it's doing something that you love and can be proud of!  I'm so proud of you!  I love being a soccer mom wife.


Marksberry Family said...

Ahhhh.... I remember the Nike Rush days! I can't believe he is coaching two teams! Scott coached one and we never saw him! You are such a good wife to be so supportive!

Lindsey Grace said...

Well I think you guys should move BACK this way and Scott can help Jared! He is in desperate need of more coaches! {I know he's got a pretty good gig up there, though!!} We go to his games as much as we can but it is STILL soooo stinkin' hot outside! Little Owen sweats like a stuck pig!