Monday, June 30, 2008

After a fabulous weekend at the Tomato Festival

Yes, that's right, we went to the 150th annual Tomato Festival in Crystal Springs, Mississippi, this weekend! It was everything I hoped it would, fried food, and booths set up with things I absolutely did not need down the main street of Crystal Springs! Clif's best friend from college is now the youth minister at the presbyterian church there, so Clif and Aaron were set to run in the 5K there that morning. So Mom, Dad, Miles, Jared, Molly (Clif's friend), and I woke up early Saturday morning and drove from Madison to Crystal Springs to join Clif and Aaron and my cousin Ashley at the Tomato Festival. Miles did really well...until about noon. It was nap time and eating time. (I wouldn't let him have any of my chicken on a stick!) So Jared and Miles went back to the church and took a nap in the nursery (yes, both of them) while Mom and I continued to look and wait for things to be monogrammed!

I was definitely reminded of the Mullet Festival that my roommates and I attended in the fall of that sounds so long ago! We were on our way to the beach for fall break and saw the sign for the Mullet of course we had to attend. Now, mind you, a mullet is a type of fish. But of course there were mullets for miles! We bought t-shirts and had a great time! I love looking back at pictures from that weekend! Oh, the fun times Patton 4 had!

This was definitely a classic summertime weekend. We visited family all over the Jackson area. Grandmama (Great Mama to Miles) in Madison, Clif came up from Hattiesburg, Mamawcharlotte, Pop, and lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins! From grilling shish kabobs and hamburgers, to eating watermelon in the house my grandfather was raised in- it was definitely the type of weekend I remember from growing up and visiting family in Canton!

We came home a day early, however, so Miles could get back on his little schedule! He slept okay the first couple nights, but as the weekend went on, he got more and more out of sorts! But it was definitely a fabulous weekend. I so look forward to more of those as he gets older and we have more children to share our heritage with!

Pictures from the weekend:

Miles with Granddaddy, Mom's dad.
Miles, me, and Pop, Dad's dad.
Miles and Uncle Clif at the Tomato Festival.
Miles and Jared sacked out at First Presbyterian, Crystal Springs, MS.
Oh yeah, Miles took his first dip in the pool at the hotel where my parents were staying!

He loved it!

An explanation of the music you hear...

So I was looking at friends blogs this morning after I put Miles down for a nap and wanted music on my blog like they had! So after sitting here trying to figure out what songs I should add, let me explain my choices.

"Back in Black", ACDC- Jared's "go to" song. Anytime there is an awkward pause or he just needs a little attention, Jared busts out with his air guitar and his rendition of "Back in Black"

"Cello Suite" Bach/Yo Yo Ma- Clif played this beautiful song at my wedding! It's also on a dog food commercial... =)

"Fly Me to the Moon", Frank Sinatra- I have loved listening to "Siriusly Sinatra" on my Sirius radio since we got the 75

"What a Wonderful World", Louis Armstrong- just a favorite!

"Summertime", Miles Davis- I just love listening to Miles Davis and what's more appropriate than his song "Summertime"?

and finally...(for now)

"Last Name", Carrie Underwood- I just thought this would be a fun song to add!! other reason behind it! I love Carrie Underwood...I'm definitely a country-music-listening gal!