Sunday, September 12, 2010

the one where lg gets sick...

You remember how on "Friends" all the episode titles started with "the one..." ? Well, yesterday felt like an episode of "The Darby's" and the title of this one would be just what I named this post.

I have had some type of viral head and throat junk that made me think I was having yet another case of strep throat. But I learned after this past summer's experience that getting to the doctor asap helps. So off I went- throat swab, test negative, thank you, Lord. So after 2 days of antibiotics, I still felt yucky, but no time to slow down in this life!

Saturday morning rolls around, and like most Saturdays during the fall, we had a birthday party to attend. Now, we have not taken Miles to the sacred {dreaded} land of "Chuck E. Cheese"...we have heard of parents who go and they never return; children who go in as perfect angels, and come out as hellions; families who once had a few extra dollars to spend on their children, and their wallets are drained when they leave. Okay, so maybe it's not that bad...but we have somehow managed to avoid the place....until Saturday. Lucky Jared had soccer all morning, so it was up to me to take Miles to the birthday party @ said locale. Owen stayed with my wonderfully gracious mother-in-law so all of my attention could be on the birthday party attendee. I imagined it would be like a casino (now, I have not ever entered a casino, but I would imagine it to be kinda dark, no outside light, no clocks on the walls, a haze of smoke across the room, the tacky carpet in shades of maroon and hunter green...) I was wrong to a certain degree- it wasn't terribly loud (of course it was 9:30 am), the workers were all very pleasant, the games and rides weren't disgustingly stained with snot and drool. Miles didn't know quite what to think, but once he figured out that the tokens made the cars move, he was all in. He was very particular about which games got his tokens, though. Once it was time for pizza and cake (and yes, it was about 10:30 a.m.), it took some convincing to get him to the food table. Once we got there, everything was going good. We both ate a slice of pizza (at 10:30 a.m.) and a piece of cake (at 10:30 am)...then Chuck E. himself came out- and, oh, did Miles have his game face on!! But no major upsets. He played a little more and I could tell he was really getting the hang and I was going to have "that" child once the time came to get out of there! BUT luckily- I had been collecting the tickets at the few games he played that gave them out (and stolen a few from the games where kids forgot to get them after playing--- I know, I know). Lucky me, his 26 tickets got us 2 of the smallest tootsie roll suckers you could get!

I'm sure you're wondering now what all this has to do with me being sick....

Soon after we left, I felt it coming...I was quite the unpleasant sickly person all afternoon. I called our family doctor on his cell on a Saturday afternoon to tell him I had food poisoning. He told me lots of doctor jargon and said I didn't, it was just a reaction my body had to......maybe the pizza (yes, it was the pizza), maybe the cake (doubt it...), or maybe the combination of having it all at 10:30 in the morning?! Anyway you put it, I doubt you will see the Darbys making any type of trip to Chuck E. Cheese any time in the near future- birthday party or not!

Dear precious Amanda,
If you read this, know that I love your darling middle child and I'm so glad we were able to celebrate her birthday with you and I will not forever hold it against you that because of this party I had to make that dreaded first trip and that I was sick all afternoon because of it! I know we will be back there sometime soon for another sweet friend's party, this was all just written in good humor and fun! I just probably won't participate in the "eating" part of the next party...
I love you, sweet friend!!!

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