Thursday, November 13, 2008

Month of Birthdays!

November marks momentous occassions in our family- Miles' birthday is November 1 and Jared's is November 12! Jared has been notorious the past couple years for continuous celebration of his birthday beyond the actual day of his birth!! This year, however, it decreased from the whole month to just a couple weeks (actually from Miles' birthday until yesterday!) We had a cowboy party for Miles' birthday celebration! Complete with a cow birthday cake, s'more party favors, and haybales in the backyard in the "corral". I had so much fun getting ready for and planning his party! Jared did think I was going a little too far when I suggested a petting zoo and hayride- we'll save that for when the kids actually get what's going on!! But everything went off very smoothly- a little cake disaster (wrong type of cake ordered)- but crisis averted thanks to Mom keeping Miles for a few hours and Sam's having the perfect cookie cake already made (just in case we ran out of cake, which of course we didn't, so we ate cookie cake and birthday cake for a week!) Miles got sooooo many new toys- it was so overwhelming and what a blessing!! So I think I may encourage family to get him clothes (12-18mo. or 18 mo. or summer clothes) or to contribute to his college account for Christmas- especially while he is this young and can't complain about not getting the latest "cool" toy!!! Is that odd!? I'm halfway doing it for my sanity so people don't feel as though they are walking into a toy store when they enter our home!! But we had lots of friends and family join us for his party- Miles sure is a special little boy to have all these people love and care for him!

Miles had half of his 8" "smash cake" devoured in about 3 or 4 minutes! Last night when we had Jared's cake (which was exactly like Miles' smash cake), Miles didn't understand why HE wasn't getting the whole cake like he did last time! Amazing!

After his party, we had a little celebration for Jared while his parents were in town. Jared and I were able to celebrate his birthday together on Tuesday (since Jared has been in the working world, he has had Veteran's day off, which is fortunate since it always falls close to his birthday!). We went to Houstons in Memphis and enjoyed a fabulous lunch! Our dear friend Jessica kept Miles so we could do this! He enjoyed playing with Lucas and Emma Grace for the second day in a row!

I was so excited today when I found the Sirius satellite channel that is playing Christmas music! It helped me not feel so silly for wanting to go ahead and decorate for Christmas! I haven't seen my decorations in almost 2 years since we were living with Mom and Dad this time last year! But I also have another excuse for decorating early! We are having a Christmas party on December 5- so if you are reading this, please feel free to drop by!