Tuesday, September 22, 2009

And baby number 2 is a.....

BOY!Here is our first picture of our sweet little baby number two! He made it very clear to us that he was a little boy, just as Miles did when we had his ultrasound! Because everything has been so different with this pregnancy- nausea, tiredness, ugliness, personal issues- I had just about convinced myself this had to be a girl...but had definitely not gotten my hopes up one way or the other! I was surprised- but of course- SO thrilled about Miles having a little brother! I had actually already planned Miles new bedroom around having another boy- so I'll be able to follow through with that plan! And although we have no name for this child yet, I have been so amazed at the thoughts that our Lord already knows EVERYTHING about this child- his name, his looks, his personality- EVERYTHING!
Psalm 139: 13-16
For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.

Praise the Lord and Amen!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I am a genius...maybe, maybe not?

family pic before Miles' first day of Mother's Day Out!
Happy boy, waking up from a nap!
Another one of Miles' favorite places to hang out now...and apparently dad's, too!

sweet boy, ready to go!
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okay...i'm not a genius b/c i selected more than just these pictures...i have GOT to go to bed. forget it =)

Miles, Miles, Miles

*I will go ahead and save you the trouble...only read ahead if you're interested...there are no pics with this post b/c I am picasa and blog ignorant apparently! I promise: pics to come soon!

I realized that I haven't put much about all the great and wonderful things Miles is accomplishing right now! I read friend's blogs- they are so good at detailing and sharing so many great things about their children! While I'm not near as poetic as are a few little fun things about Miles as this stage in life--- mind you, while he is FAST approaching those "twos"!

He can now open most doors on his own- he thinks this is so great- but we are definitely going to have to turn on the "beep" on the house alarm to signal when he has escaped! Luckily, he hasn't figured out the lock part, so he just fusses when he can't open the outside doors! He also thinks it's great that he has figured out how to open the refrigerator and pull out the drawer that holds the cheese! Ah! If he's really quiet and in the kitchen, he is more than likely standing in front of the pantry- doors wide open! Luckily I just keep box mixes and such on the bottom shelf.

He is saying more words- however, his favorite right now is "no" (sometimes followed by a series of no's)- but a close second would be "Hi, Mommy" or "Hi, Daddy" or "Hi, MeMe" etc., etc.- just depends who is around! And he has figured out that if he is misbehaving and gets "the eye", that he can put on his sweet voice and say "Hi, whoever is getting on to him". Aren't they just amazing little creatures?! Only in the world for just a short time- and have already figured out how to get their way?!

He is such a big boy when we drop him off at the nursery, Mother's Day Out, or grandparent's houses (that's a given). If he knows he is going to or staying at MeMe and Jimbo's or DiDi and Papaw's, he immediately says "Bye, Mommy"- even if I have to take him! He definitely has a mind of his own!

And of course there are so many more things this precious child is doing now- but to share everything makes me a little never know what kind of "crazies" come across people's blogs! (And yes, this pregnancy has made me a little more paranoid than I usually am.)

Speaking of the pregnancy- what a ride it has been! I do think I'm coming out of the "yuck" stage (finger's crossed, knock on wood), but what has made it all worth it this week has been feeling the baby move and knowing (without having even a peek of this miracle) that there is a little life forming in my womb right now- one that the Lord has created and already knows everything about: boy or girl, blonde or dark, lots of hair or a little bit, hazel eyes or blue, and even further beyond the little things I ponder now!

We have lots of friends having babies over the next few months, much like we did when Miles was born. However, with Miles, there was a LARGE boy population with one sweet little girl thrown in the mix! This time around seems to be a pretty good mix so far! We will find out next week (hopefully) at our first ultrasound what we will be blessed with! I really can get so excited about either one! With a boy- it will be a little brother for Miles to play with, rough and tumble with, teach, but also share mama with! A girl- so much fun just to have some pink around here- oh and bows, too! I think Miles will make a great big brother- it will just take some getting used to, I'm afraid! He is very protective of Jared and me. I mean, head-spinning, feet flailing, voice-raising- protective when one of us holds another baby! But it is also for that reason that I think he will make such a great big brother! Just will take some adjusting! And, as a dear friend pointed out, we have 4 wonderful parents right here so close who will be able to help give Miles that attention he will need during those first few weeks of adjustment!

Well I am now trying to add some pics...let's see if I can do this...thanks for reading and keeping up with us!

Friday, August 21, 2009

It's been a while!

Well first of all, if you haven't heard yet...


This baby is due in February (the 17th to be exact, which is Mom's birthday as well!) We are beyond thrilled about this news! I was hoping to have an ultrasound picture to post with this update, but they haven't done one yet! I have an ultrasound scheduled for the end of September; they think they'll be able to tell what the sex of the baby is at that point! And of course we'll find out this go around! Maybe with the next one we'll make it a surprise!

Miles in his new favorite "chill-out" spot- the computer armoire!
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We are about to start back up with the "busy-ness" of life! I started teaching this past week; I am helping homeschool a friend's 7th grade daughter (who was actually a flower girl in our wedding!) I will be teaching her grammar, literature, and spelling. After just one week I learned a lot! Who knew there was so much Latin involved in spelling?! That's sure not how I taught my third graders or learned myself- but it makes so much sense! I will start back with my TST (intervention coach) position Monday. I will do 2 days a week this year. Miles will stay with Mom and Dianne those days and then go to Mother's Day Out at Trinity on the day that I teach Emily. I'm really looking forward to him going to MDO this year! I think it will be a great thing for both of us! Jared has started back with soccer as of beginning of August (not that we really ever have much of a break from it!) He is coaching the U12 Boys team this year. Their first game is Wednesday night. I'm looking forward to going to these games- especially when the weather gets cooler! I really think Miles will enjoy this season! We have a couple trips planned with the team for this year. And Jared thinks he will be headed to Disney World with a few of his kids in January for a tournament! I don't know that this will happen without me- seeing as I'll be just a "little" bit pregnant! HA! But we're looking forward to starting a fun season with the Rush!

So I guess the real reason for this blog was to fill you in on our wonderful news about the new addition to the Darby family! Hope you are all doing great!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


As I was looking at the post I just posted, I realized I didn't have many pictures of just Miles- which is why many of you even bother looking at our blog! Ha ha! Don't worry, my feelings aren't hurt. You get over this when you have as cute a kid as Miles Darby! So here you go!

Jared and Miles at the bowling alley.

Jared and Miles on the merry-go-round at the Memphis Zoo.
Miles wasn't too sure about this. Very serious look on his face the whole ride.
He did end up on his own animal, though!

Miles enjoying a popsicle in his truck at Meme's house.

"Mama, come get in the pool with me!"

We love summertime!

I suppose I am trying to keep you all guessing as to when I will post again- some of you may have given up, I'm sure. I always have good intentions, but the thought to update just comes at the wrong time! Kind of like that extra item you need to add to the grocery list that you think of while in the shower? Or that text you really need to send right then, but you're driving? I love to read other people's blogs, so I guess it's only fair of me to update ours as well!

This summer has been so relaxing- almost too relaxing??? I know one of these years when we have a house full of kids and summer becomes those 2 months between school years that are filled with camps and vacations, I will scoff at the idea that I once had a "too relaxing" summer! But not having much of anything to do has been so nice! Especially in August when soccer season gets into full swing, then September when I start working at the school again part-time. The plan is for Miles to go to Mother's Day Out at church one day a week beginning in the fall. We have been in a Kindermusik class this summer that has proved to be so much fun, so I know him going to an MDO program will be so great for him!

Miles at his Kindermusik class playing the drum!

Jared and I have celebrated another anniversary! We celebrated 4 years June 25. We didn't actually get to celebrate that day; I was in the car with Mom and Dad headed for Canton and he went to work like usual! That weekend was a momentous one- I left Miles in the care of my in-laws for 4 days! I knew he would be fine; it was me I was worried about! He loves going to his DiDi and Papaw's house (and Katie). He has a big boy bed there, his own toys, a whale swimming pool, and he has the undivided, never-failing attention of his grandparents! I went to Canton with Mom and Dad for my cousin Sarah B.'s wedding. My Aunt Ruthie, mom, and I gave the bridesmaid's luncheon that Friday at my great aunt's lakehouse near my grandparents' house. We had a lovely menu with Chicken Alouette, fresh steamed veggies, fruit congealed salad, and chocolate chocolate chip cake! All of which was prepared by mom and Aunt Ruthie! I tried to help! The wedding was beautiful and I was so glad Jared and I had the opportunity to enjoy the night together without the worries of Miles running around getting into everything!

a picture of the Brown Lakehouse (Our engagement party was given here in January '05) Jared and I at Sarah and Matt's reception at Lake Caroline.

Then of course we were so glad to return home! After a quick trip to the hospital to see my grandfather, we headed home! Pop is doing much better and is at home now after almost a month of being at St. Dominic's in Jackson! He was one sick guy! Praise the Lord for him being able to go home. He has a check up visit tomorrow. Once we got to Dianne and Steve's, we had a little boy glad to see us- he let us know he was glad by whining all night! He quickly straightened up when we go the whale pool out! It sprays water out of the top of the whale's head. But he wouldn't be happy unless Jared was in the pool with him! So Jared got creative (and a little redneck if you ask me!)

We finally did get to celebrate our anniversary this past weekend. Jared surprised me with tickets to Wicked! at the Orpheum! (Okay, I admit that I found them before he surprised me with them, but he left them out on the computer desk!) This wasn't even something that I told Jared I wanted to do- he came up with it all on his own! Bravo, Jared! Bravo! It was so wonderful and definitely one of those shows I would love to see again! We had a wonderful meal at the Mesquite Chophouse before the show and MeMe and Jimbo kept Miles for the night so we weren't in a rush to get home! We are so fortunate to have both of our parents so close!

Jared and I at Wicked! and yes that is the ceiling of the Orpheum you are seeing.
We were waaaay up there! Still amazing no matter where you sit!

Well I guess that's all for now! I promise to keep you more informed on things as the summer comes to a close! Hopefully I'll post again before the month is out! Oh and here's a link to Jared's soccer homepage. Jared is the director for the Tennessee Rush, Olive Branch (click on the Olive Branch link on the left of that page) this next year and we are so excited about all that is to come with this! It does mean more time dealing with the politics of soccer, but it's something Jared really enjoys and is so good at doing! We are planning a trip to St. Louis the beginning of August with the team for a tourney, but hopefully we'll get a little bit of time for some sight-seeing!

Thanks for visiting!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


A friend has enlightened me to the world of coupons...I mean, I try to clip them out of the paper at mom and dad's on Sundays (the Commercial Appeal doesn't deliver to our house and I always forget to get a paper on Sundays), but those coupons usually go into a little baggie and are never touched again until they get tossed into the trashcan. BUT when I was doing my "blog-stalking" tonight I came across Carrie's and she had listed in the side column websites that you could download coupons to your Kroger card (or you can choose the store where you grocery shop)! So I thought I would share, just as she has!

P&G Solutions


Now if I will just remember I have created an account with these sites...

I also came across a new blog...I put a link to it on the right...the nesting place. God is so good...earlier this evening I had just been venting to Jared about how I was ready for our house to be "done" (now I know, I will never be "done"...but you catch my drift). I came across this blog, from another blog, from another blog, etc. Don't act like you don't do the same thing! But "The Nester" gave me good insights and ideas for things to do around here- cost efficiently!

Oh...and for those grandmothers and others who check the blog for Miles updates...maybe tomorrow!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring is here!

Spring is here...and with that comes lots of wagon rides! I think that this summer, I will actually have a little bit of color about my skin and any extra flab on my arms will be gone- thanks to wagon rides and the ever so slight incline of the coves in our neighborhood!

I have decided spring is my favorite time of year (until summer gets here). These past weeks have been so calm and "un-busy"- it has been so refreshing! I have really been able to appreciate the little things here lately- the way the laundry smells after the dryer, how good I feel about myself when the house is clean, watching closely how the seasons are changing, enjoying a home-cooked meal (at my house). I am so thankful that in Ecclesiastes the Lord spoke through Solomon that there is "a time to be silent, and a time to speak" showing me that it's okay for me to quietly be minding my household. Praise the Lord! During this quiet time, I have been able to watch Miles grow and learn all sorts of new things! He is a smart little boy! It's amazing how much they know and the things they store up in their brains before letting you in on it. For example, a couple days ago I asked Miles to give me a five- something he's never done before. To my great surprise, I didn't have to show him how to do it and the look on his face told me he has known how to do this for some time now, he's just letting me in on it! Hilarious!

Some of his favorite things now include climbing stairs and into chairs, making car/truck noises with toys, touching parts of his face when asked (example- sticking finger up his nose when asked where his nose is =), playing with friends, going to sleep on his own, playing with my shoes (they are much more interesting than Jared's 2 pairs!). He loves going to his grandparent's houses. He loves to see Katie (the dog) at DiDi's, and playing outside at MeMe's. He has a Little Tikes truck at her house that he loves. However, it must be parked between something so it can't move, so that he can get in and out of it with no problems! Some favorite foods include spaghetti, a new-found love for ketchup (by itself, not on anything), peas and carrots, any kind of fruit, and this list could go on because he is such a good eater! I lucked out with this one!

Miles and his new-found love for ketchup.

He is becoming more and more independent each day! But he does want me in the room with him. If I'm not, he will come grab my leg or arm and pull me wherever he wants me to be. He also would rather sit where you are sitting than sit in his own chair. So we're learning how to manage the strong-willed child rather than squash his strong-will! Sometimes I wonder if I should stop praying for patience! Ha! Well here are a few pics, since that's really why you check the blog! Hope you are all doing great!

Monday, February 23, 2009

I know...I'm sure you thought I stopped blogging

First of all, Mom and Miss Rachel- I did not forget your request for an update. I tried to update it after I saw ya'll at Newks, but my computer froze up and didn't update my blog! So I gave up, until now!

It's February and so much has happened since November- recap: first annual Darby Christmas party, Christmas in Canton, New Years with the Dmaggios, Dad's 50th surprise party...and all the everyday stuff in between! But I must say that after Dad's party, I kind of went into hide-out mode! I've been in party mode since October, getting ready for Miles party, then the first Darby Christmas party (which will now be a tradition- hopefully- so go ahead and mark your calendars for the first weekend in Decemer!), then all the things that go so quickly duringthe holiday season, the preparation for Dad's surprise party- I did not want to do ANYTHING after that! And I haven't done much, aside from the day to day stuff! We have a weekly playdate with Anna Katherine and Max and Jessica, Lucas and Emma. I work most every Thursday at HLIS pulling kids who need some extra help (although I have concluded that I can't fix lazy). Jared is staying busy with regular work stuff. Soccer season starts this week. They are about to join with the Tennessee Rush, which is a great opportunity and shows how well Jared and Chris have done with these 2 competitive teams they started last year! Of course the perks are a little more money and Jared gets lots of Nike gear! He's excited about that! Miles LOVES to be fact that's where we are now! It's a little cold, but the sun feels so good- I just took my coat off! Maybe it will help those natural highlights so I won't need the enhancement from Miss Cheryl at Freidas! I can't wait for spring and summer to get Miles outside more! It will help the days pass a little quicker I think!

An exciting piece of news- Jared's parents, Steve and Dianne (papaw and di di) are moving back to Southaven this week! They have found a house, sold their house in Mt. View, and will be back before the month is out! Yay for more free babysitters! We'll be so glad when they're here; and Miles has just started getting used to his "Aunt Katie" (the dog)!

An update on Clifton James- he is in New York auditioning at the Manhattan School of Music as I type this. This is the last audtion of the 4 he has done the past two weeks. He was in Boston, at the New England Convservatory of Music, then Austin, TX- Univeristy of Texas; Cleveland, Ohio- Cleveland Institute of Music; and now in New York, New York. He will know something in March or April, then begin graduate school in the fall. I'm so excited and proud of him!

Hopefully I'll post again before 3 months passes by again!