Monday, November 15, 2010

Bday Post, Part 2 + Tales from the Dentist

Here are some pics I told you I'd post!  But first...I'm going to make you endure my thoughts from the day...

Have you taken your child to the dentist yet?  My dear friend shared with me today that her dentist had told her that your child will handle the dentist similarly to how they handle getting their haircut.  Well- I'm glad sweet friend didn't tell me that before we went to the dentist this morning, because I would have been sadly disappointed!  It was the worst experience to date with my dear 3 year old.  He does beautifully when getting his haircut!  Now, he always has his game face on- but there is no screaming or worrying if he will be cut with the scissors!  The dentist on the other hand was a completely different story!

Now, in explaining to Miles last night what we'd be doing this morning, he told me "no".  This morning, when telling him what we'd be doing today, he said "no".  On the way to the dentist office, he said "no".  I mean, it's not like I would have canceled his appointment or anything, but I guess I should have taken a clue that this was not going to be pleasant.  So we get there and of course there are a few toys to play with (we're at a pediatric dentist).  He continued on in his grumpy mood by not wanting to share with the other children (usually not a problem, especially when we're not on his "turf").  {Important to note: I had Owen with me, too- I had woken him up from his nap to take Miles to the dentist.  Luckily, he was still in a daze from being woken up, so he just chilled in the stroller throughout the whole fiasco.}  So they call us back, and he says he doesn't want to go.  Now seriously- he is usually a little more compliant after this much insistence on my part.  So I stroll Owen on through the doors and he comes screaming after me.  We get to our "station" and I was quite impressed with the whole set up- not too busy or "circus-y" but just enough to make a kid feel comfortable.  I mean, they did have Scooby Doo going on the TV screens on the ceiling.  But he clung to me like white on rice.  He wouldn't let me put him down, he didn't want to pick out his toothbrush- nothing.  I tried convincing him to be like the big boy in the next chair who looked to be about a year older than him.  {I didn't want to bribe him with candy at the dentist, so I refrained from that.}  But he wasn't budging.  The dentist came over to give the poor hygienist some help.  She was a little soft-spoken and said that this happens all the time, but she didn't act like she knew what to do with this temperamental three year old going nuts!  So long story just a little big longer- the dentist just did a "lap check" (which sounds terrible and I did give him a double-look when he said it) but Miles sat in my lap facing me, then I laid him down so his head was on the dentist's knees.  I had to restrain his arms and legs while he forcefully brushed Miles' teeth and checked out what he could through the gritting teeth!  {gosh, as I read this it seems even worse than it was!}  So by the time we were finished, Miles didn't even want to pick a toy out of the toy box or get a sticker!  He said "I want to go!"  Luckily, we have dental insurance, so that horrifying experience only cost us $10.  If it had been what our doctor visits are- we would have stayed a while longer- screaming kid and all.

Oh- and to make matters worse- I officially feel old.  I went to the eye doctor today (with the 3 year old who was so "three" at the dentist--- I'm a glutton for punishment) and I have to have reading glasses.  Now this may not be a big deal to many and there are those younger than me who have reading glasses-- but for some reason, with the gray hairs I continue to find popping up all over my used-to-be-blonde-head...this was just another layer of icing on the cake sending me into old age.  I offense mom, but you and dad have I seriously there now?!  {typed with all the love in my heart and a smile on my face}  Oh, and Miles did fine- he had "Arthur's Reading Race" and a sucker.  That I did not give him.  As bribery.  Seriously.  I didn't.

Alright--- here are those pics.  Do you have any horrifying doctor or dentist visits?!  Please don't let me be the only one!!

had to add this one- my recent favorite family pic taken at our church's fall festival (yes, i know owen's hat is too small and that miles is eating the world's biggest blow-pop!)

miles and the noisy gift i picked out

i wish you could see how he's blowing his candles out- he is making the "f" sound (do it, you'll see why it's funny)

party favor tags

bday boy and his precious shirt meme made him!

great cake!

finding nerf darts everywhere- this was on the fridge.  i also found one on the crown molding in the kitchen.

jared's orange creamsicle cake

we used the dining room AND lit the candles!

he's happy- especially when he has food

notice jared's mom...

getting some pointers from jimbo

the middle was.....marshmallow.creme.yum.

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Marksberry Family said...

Wyatt would have LOVED everything about the birthday party! Trains everywhere! Loved the party favors... very creative!