Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's Been a Busy Few Weeks...I Think!

It seems as though lots of things have happened since I last blogged, but not really...but here's a little update anyway!

Miles is cutting 2 teeth---it looks like such a small headline, what, with only a few words, but it's been a HUGE deal! If you have children you understand! So we have been a little fussy (and yes, I said we...), but when he isn't fussing over the teeth, he is workin' his tongue over them exploring this new feeling on his tongue! He is growing so fast! He is about 20 pounds now and he is crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything he can!

"Miles...let me snap this cute picture real quick before you start fussing!"

Miles crawling away from the camera! He moved a little quicker than I thought he would before I could take the pic!

Just a good pic of Jared and me before Steph's wedding! Jared thinks we look very Republican! He's so funny!

Dianne, Jared's mom, has been here for several days and we have so enjoyed having her here!Uncle Clif also came home for a visit after his guitar competition at East Carolina University. Miles is beginning to smell a little bit more...with all the spoiling going on around here!!! However, he is making friends at Sunday School! We had a good friend keeping nursery this morning who has a son who was born just a few weeks after Miles; she said that the boys were "wrestling" this morning during church! We'll have to get these two together more often! It's so neat to watch their personalities shine and mature!

Jared has also received a great honor at work! He has been selected to the Land Use Committee for the State Legislative Branch. Jared is the youngest planner (by profession) in Mississippi. This new appointment will require him to be in Jackson some while the State Senate is in session beginning in August. This was such an honor and a bit of a surprise! Yay Jared!

Congratulations are in order....I had two dear friends get married yesterday! Congratulations Blaire and Kevin Jett! They were married yesterday at 5:30 in Spartanburg, SC. I am so happy for you both! Have a blast in Aruba! Also, congrats to Stephanie and Adam Donyes! I didn't get to meet Adam, but I better the next time ya'll are in town! I love you both (couples) dearly and wish you all the best!

Kevin and Blaire Jett

Adam and Stephanie Donyes