Tuesday, February 1, 2011

simply amazed

Some of you may read Kelly's blog.  Well tonight I was doing my weekly "blog-walk" and came across hers...again...which I could probably read and find all sorts of links from...but anyway!  I saw where just a couple days after I had posted my blog on my heart for adoption, she posted hers as well!  Of course she has well over 9,000 readers...and I probably have 20!!  But I loved reading how our great God is moving in the hearts of so many families across our nation to adopt and fulfill that commandment!  I truly believe that once our small place in history is complete, we will be able to look back and see where God was raising an army of God-fearing men and women to proclaim His gospel to the ends of the Earth.  What a joyous thought!

I have a friend getting her story together for me, so again- if you have yours that you want to share- I'd love to be your outlet or your link to the blog world!

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