Monday, February 7, 2011

menu for the week...2nd edition =)

Okay---so last week worked!

YAY for me!!!

Thursday was especially hard..........Jared was set to have a meeting...I wanted so badly NOT to cook...but I did it anyway!!!  So the whole week worked out!  YAY!

Well...except Friday I didn't do roast...I did the sandwiches because we decided to spend the night at the mall (which we have not done in FOR-EV-UH--- in fact...we may or may NOT have gotten lost going out there b/c it was raining and we haven't been on the interstate in forever....hmmm....)  So Saturday we just ate leftovers for lunch and then headed out that evening for bowling at Mexican (fajitas there were MUCH better than my sorry attempt on Monday!!)

So here's the game plan for this week...

tonight:  hmmm...I have cooked, shredded chicken breast in the fridge thawing...I'm thinking I'll do poppyseed chicken and some veggies...probably better hurry up and decide, huh?!  Hubby will be home in about an hour---and I still have to get dressed!  AH!!!  But it has been a great pajama/snow day!!
(oh--- and earlier today for lunch- me and Miles made our own pizzas!  fun---he didn't like his-- it didn't taste like the "real" thing!  oh well-- I ate mine up!)

Tuesday- hubs has a city meeting- and those last FOREVER so we will either do a veggie plate or might wait around at Meme's house and see what they're having for supper!!  hee hee!

Wednesday- church supper (and we're having the BEST red beans and rice and bread pudding you've ever put in your mouth...we have SUCH good chefs for our Wednesday night suppers!!)

Thursday- I WILL cook that roast this week!!!

Friday- potato soup- see this post for recipe (or I have a chicken chili recipe we might do...)

Saturday- probably leftovers/"fend for yourself"  =)

okay-- well there aren't too many all out meals I have to cook up this I might throw in another one along the way---especially for Saturday...but lots to do between now and then!  Planning for little boy's 1st birthday celebration (think lumberjack), helping throw a shower for a dear friend (think little cowboy), attending a wedding shower, and lots of birthday presents!!  Gotta get that sewing machine going, folks!

What am I doing on here?!?!?

Hope you have a GREAT week!!!!  What's cooking at your house this week?!

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Emily Beitz said...

Looks like you will be cooking tonight instead of eating the red beans and rice!! I hate we have to miss church and the good food!!