Monday, February 14, 2011

Menu...take 3 this is working out okay!  

I forgot to post a couple other "corrections"...when we went to mooch spend quality time with my folks on Tuesday night, mom had already made the potato soup that I had posted for Friday night.  So Friday was date night anyway- so it was no big deal.  Then Saturday- I didn't really have leftovers, so we did chicken alfredo.  (Just the canned sauce...I have tried to no avail with homemade sauce and just wasn't feeling like Giada.) tonight we had Italian chicken (easy peasy--- chicken tenderloin cooked in Italian dressing on the stove top til cooked through- yummy), green beans, wild rice, and rolls.  AND Jared and I even got to enjoy a quiet candlelit dinner!  Both of the boys took late naps today because it was SOOOOO  beautiful here (and yes- it did snow 5 inches 5 days ago and it was 70 degrees today.)  So instead of waking them up for supper, we decided to let sleeping dogs lie and enjoy our dinner in the quiet.  We got sat down and Jared said "I feel like we should light some candles or something."  So I did...I is Valentine's day!!! 

{{{And I'll have you know...we both showed great self-control...I really DIDN'T feel like cooking tonight-- feeling rather sluggish here lately...and he was going to go to the dip (or here)...but we didn't...we figured the good Lord was trying to tell us something when we landed on tails 3 times in a row}}}

So Tuesday:  I'd love to get the grill out and do hamburgers because it is supposed to continue to be BEAUTIFUL all week--- but we might just have to settle for tacos...burgers means a trip to the store to get buns and stuff!  Trying really hard to stick with stuff I already have in the pantry!  

(speaking of pantries...have you ever seen this?!  Isn't it so cute??  Jared is wanting to take the doors off our pantry because a our house has settled, the doors dont' shut right...but who wants an open pantry?!  If mine could look like this- I would do it!) 

Wednesday: I checked out church menu--- no red beans and rice- but meatloaf!!  Not usually a meatloaf fan unless it's the recipe I use from my good friend Anna Katherine, but it's yummy- and Miles will probably eat it if he doesn't see the chicken nuggets first!!

Thursday:  for sure something in the crockpot...haven't decided exactly what yet- but I've got a few recipes in stock.

Friday: Bible study at church reading this- it's great-- I would seriously recommend it to any parent even if their kid is calm, cool, and collected!  Such great insight on human emotions of anger and frustration- and really speaks to parent's heart's first before telling you how to "fix" your kid!!  

Saturday: my little Lumberjack's birthday party!!  Fend for yourself until party time!!  

Hope you have a great week!!  What's cooking at your house this week?!

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