Thursday, September 17, 2009

Miles, Miles, Miles

*I will go ahead and save you the trouble...only read ahead if you're interested...there are no pics with this post b/c I am picasa and blog ignorant apparently! I promise: pics to come soon!

I realized that I haven't put much about all the great and wonderful things Miles is accomplishing right now! I read friend's blogs- they are so good at detailing and sharing so many great things about their children! While I'm not near as poetic as are a few little fun things about Miles as this stage in life--- mind you, while he is FAST approaching those "twos"!

He can now open most doors on his own- he thinks this is so great- but we are definitely going to have to turn on the "beep" on the house alarm to signal when he has escaped! Luckily, he hasn't figured out the lock part, so he just fusses when he can't open the outside doors! He also thinks it's great that he has figured out how to open the refrigerator and pull out the drawer that holds the cheese! Ah! If he's really quiet and in the kitchen, he is more than likely standing in front of the pantry- doors wide open! Luckily I just keep box mixes and such on the bottom shelf.

He is saying more words- however, his favorite right now is "no" (sometimes followed by a series of no's)- but a close second would be "Hi, Mommy" or "Hi, Daddy" or "Hi, MeMe" etc., etc.- just depends who is around! And he has figured out that if he is misbehaving and gets "the eye", that he can put on his sweet voice and say "Hi, whoever is getting on to him". Aren't they just amazing little creatures?! Only in the world for just a short time- and have already figured out how to get their way?!

He is such a big boy when we drop him off at the nursery, Mother's Day Out, or grandparent's houses (that's a given). If he knows he is going to or staying at MeMe and Jimbo's or DiDi and Papaw's, he immediately says "Bye, Mommy"- even if I have to take him! He definitely has a mind of his own!

And of course there are so many more things this precious child is doing now- but to share everything makes me a little never know what kind of "crazies" come across people's blogs! (And yes, this pregnancy has made me a little more paranoid than I usually am.)

Speaking of the pregnancy- what a ride it has been! I do think I'm coming out of the "yuck" stage (finger's crossed, knock on wood), but what has made it all worth it this week has been feeling the baby move and knowing (without having even a peek of this miracle) that there is a little life forming in my womb right now- one that the Lord has created and already knows everything about: boy or girl, blonde or dark, lots of hair or a little bit, hazel eyes or blue, and even further beyond the little things I ponder now!

We have lots of friends having babies over the next few months, much like we did when Miles was born. However, with Miles, there was a LARGE boy population with one sweet little girl thrown in the mix! This time around seems to be a pretty good mix so far! We will find out next week (hopefully) at our first ultrasound what we will be blessed with! I really can get so excited about either one! With a boy- it will be a little brother for Miles to play with, rough and tumble with, teach, but also share mama with! A girl- so much fun just to have some pink around here- oh and bows, too! I think Miles will make a great big brother- it will just take some getting used to, I'm afraid! He is very protective of Jared and me. I mean, head-spinning, feet flailing, voice-raising- protective when one of us holds another baby! But it is also for that reason that I think he will make such a great big brother! Just will take some adjusting! And, as a dear friend pointed out, we have 4 wonderful parents right here so close who will be able to help give Miles that attention he will need during those first few weeks of adjustment!

Well I am now trying to add some pics...let's see if I can do this...thanks for reading and keeping up with us!

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