Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring is here!

Spring is here...and with that comes lots of wagon rides! I think that this summer, I will actually have a little bit of color about my skin and any extra flab on my arms will be gone- thanks to wagon rides and the ever so slight incline of the coves in our neighborhood!

I have decided spring is my favorite time of year (until summer gets here). These past weeks have been so calm and "un-busy"- it has been so refreshing! I have really been able to appreciate the little things here lately- the way the laundry smells after the dryer, how good I feel about myself when the house is clean, watching closely how the seasons are changing, enjoying a home-cooked meal (at my house). I am so thankful that in Ecclesiastes the Lord spoke through Solomon that there is "a time to be silent, and a time to speak" showing me that it's okay for me to quietly be minding my household. Praise the Lord! During this quiet time, I have been able to watch Miles grow and learn all sorts of new things! He is a smart little boy! It's amazing how much they know and the things they store up in their brains before letting you in on it. For example, a couple days ago I asked Miles to give me a five- something he's never done before. To my great surprise, I didn't have to show him how to do it and the look on his face told me he has known how to do this for some time now, he's just letting me in on it! Hilarious!

Some of his favorite things now include climbing stairs and into chairs, making car/truck noises with toys, touching parts of his face when asked (example- sticking finger up his nose when asked where his nose is =), playing with friends, going to sleep on his own, playing with my shoes (they are much more interesting than Jared's 2 pairs!). He loves going to his grandparent's houses. He loves to see Katie (the dog) at DiDi's, and playing outside at MeMe's. He has a Little Tikes truck at her house that he loves. However, it must be parked between something so it can't move, so that he can get in and out of it with no problems! Some favorite foods include spaghetti, a new-found love for ketchup (by itself, not on anything), peas and carrots, any kind of fruit, and this list could go on because he is such a good eater! I lucked out with this one!

Miles and his new-found love for ketchup.

He is becoming more and more independent each day! But he does want me in the room with him. If I'm not, he will come grab my leg or arm and pull me wherever he wants me to be. He also would rather sit where you are sitting than sit in his own chair. So we're learning how to manage the strong-willed child rather than squash his strong-will! Sometimes I wonder if I should stop praying for patience! Ha! Well here are a few pics, since that's really why you check the blog! Hope you are all doing great!


The Haines said...

Love the new pics! I can't believe they are growing up so fast. So wish he and Jackson could hang out! We miss yall.

Scott and Jenn said...

Thanks for the reminder from Ecclesiastes! When I read that, it made my heart stop and feel at peace. Thanks again.
PS. How do you guys know the Lamont family. I saw them on your blog listing. Jeanna and I grew up in the same town and went to the same church growing up. She and her sister, Jill, were two of my best friends through middle school and high school. Small world!

Leisha said...

Great post. Thanks for sharing. I hope that we can get together soon!

Paul and Heather said...

I really enjoyed this, LG. But - good grief - could not get over how much Miles has grown in just a few short months ....... he's so cute, and tell him he has a friend in me as a lover of spaghetti ... mmmmmmMMMM!