Monday, February 23, 2009

I know...I'm sure you thought I stopped blogging

First of all, Mom and Miss Rachel- I did not forget your request for an update. I tried to update it after I saw ya'll at Newks, but my computer froze up and didn't update my blog! So I gave up, until now!

It's February and so much has happened since November- recap: first annual Darby Christmas party, Christmas in Canton, New Years with the Dmaggios, Dad's 50th surprise party...and all the everyday stuff in between! But I must say that after Dad's party, I kind of went into hide-out mode! I've been in party mode since October, getting ready for Miles party, then the first Darby Christmas party (which will now be a tradition- hopefully- so go ahead and mark your calendars for the first weekend in Decemer!), then all the things that go so quickly duringthe holiday season, the preparation for Dad's surprise party- I did not want to do ANYTHING after that! And I haven't done much, aside from the day to day stuff! We have a weekly playdate with Anna Katherine and Max and Jessica, Lucas and Emma. I work most every Thursday at HLIS pulling kids who need some extra help (although I have concluded that I can't fix lazy). Jared is staying busy with regular work stuff. Soccer season starts this week. They are about to join with the Tennessee Rush, which is a great opportunity and shows how well Jared and Chris have done with these 2 competitive teams they started last year! Of course the perks are a little more money and Jared gets lots of Nike gear! He's excited about that! Miles LOVES to be fact that's where we are now! It's a little cold, but the sun feels so good- I just took my coat off! Maybe it will help those natural highlights so I won't need the enhancement from Miss Cheryl at Freidas! I can't wait for spring and summer to get Miles outside more! It will help the days pass a little quicker I think!

An exciting piece of news- Jared's parents, Steve and Dianne (papaw and di di) are moving back to Southaven this week! They have found a house, sold their house in Mt. View, and will be back before the month is out! Yay for more free babysitters! We'll be so glad when they're here; and Miles has just started getting used to his "Aunt Katie" (the dog)!

An update on Clifton James- he is in New York auditioning at the Manhattan School of Music as I type this. This is the last audtion of the 4 he has done the past two weeks. He was in Boston, at the New England Convservatory of Music, then Austin, TX- Univeristy of Texas; Cleveland, Ohio- Cleveland Institute of Music; and now in New York, New York. He will know something in March or April, then begin graduate school in the fall. I'm so excited and proud of him!

Hopefully I'll post again before 3 months passes by again!


Scott and Jenn said...

Scott, my husband, coached with the TN Rush while we lived in Memphis and Jackson. He loved it! It is a great opportunity.

Enjoy outside! I can't wait until it gets (and stays) above freezing here in Chicago! Wyatt and I are getting cabin fever!

Jamie Ainsworth said...

It was good to hear and read about what y'all have been up to! David can't wait for Hayden to get here so he can play with our son! It's almost like he wants to skip the baby-baby time and go straight to being able to throw balls and teachhim how to tackle and such. It's so cute! Glad things are going well!

Sara said...

Woohoo for the update! I have been checking. :)