Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Summer is here!

This is Miles in his exersaucer on the kitchen table while Meme is cleaning the floors.
I came home from my last day of school and here he was with this sign
"School's Out! You're all mine now! Yea!"

Well today is OFFICIALLY my first day of summer vacation! Memorial Day doesn't count since it's a holiday I would have had off anyway! So Miles and I celebrated by climbing back in bed after breakfast for a nap while Jared got ready to go to work! I think he was jealous! We celebrated yesterday by visiting with Aunt Shannon, Uncle Ben, and Anna Lin. It was good to see them and for them to see Miles and how big he is getting! And, of course, Aunt Shannon had another sweet outfit for Miles! (He's wearing the Seahorse outfit today!) We had friends over last night for BBQ- Sam and Hollie Pennington. We also were able to take all of our visitors to our new house! Yes- I said new house! We close on Thursday and move in this weekend! I'll be sure to post pictures of the move next week! We are so looking forward to being in our new home and all of the memories we will make in this home! It is one we plan to stay in forever! I think Miles, Meme, and Jimbo will be the ones who take this move the hardest! We have really enjoyed our time here with Mom and Dad and have been so blessed to have them around during these first 7 months of Miles' life. Eating breakfast with Jimbo, playing chase with Meme, dancing on the piano...I told Mom this morning that she will have to come over and visit in the mornings- PJs and all! God is so good and He knew what He was doing when he blessed me with parents like mine. Miles has something his future brothers and sisters (hopefully) will never have in having this bond with my parents!

Miles playing in the floor today.

We'll let you all know when the Darby household is accepting visitors! Give us a few weeks to unload and then the doors will be open! Please come visit us! Better yet, what are you doing Friday and Saturday?? Bring a truck!


Sara said...

Miles is so cute! I loved the sign your mom made!!
Congrats on the house! I can't wait to come visit!!!!

Paul & Heather said...

He is so precious!!! Can't wait to see you all soon, soon & very soon!