Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Rainy Tuesday Morning

I'm sitting here watching Miles eat his breakfast- he is having a blast with a piece of toast! Now, don't worry, he's had his banana yogurt, too! (Yuck if you ask me, but I'm not a yogurt eater!) I'm also not a salad eater, but hopefully I can get Miles eating them before he realizes that mommy doesn't eat them! There are so many things that I don't "do" that I do hope Miles will! Another example: I am not an animal person. Never have been! I was about Miles age when a dog "attacked" me at my grandparent's house and I have never like them since! Yes, I have caught lots of flack about this over the years, but I can't change my skiddish nature around animals- especially dogs. But Miles LOVES them. So I am trying so hard to overcome my fears so I don't pass them along to him! Our friends Sam and Hollie have a little dog, Tallulah, who joined us at Jared's soccer game last night. Miles had so much fun watching her. He did good, too, by not pulling her hair! I wish now I had gotten a picture of him and Tallulah! Here's a pic of Miles at Daddy's soccer game and a pic of Jared with his team. I tried to get Miles in the foreground, with the team in the back, but he's just too quick!

We are going on a little trip this week! Tomorrow afternoon we are headed to Canton to spend the night with Mamawcharlotte and go to the famous Canton Flea Market on Thursday where I'm sure we will see other family members and different friends from over the years! I plan on getting most of my Christmas shopping done while there, too! I did some this past weekend at Mistletoe Market at the agricenter in Memphis. (And of course found a precious Christmas outfit for Mr. Miles! I'm sure you'll see it on a Christmas card!) Mom and Dad are headed to Hattiesburg sometime Thursday to see Clif and go to a concert with him of a famous classical guitarist whose name has left me at the moment! And of course Miles can't be so close to Uncle Clif and him not drive over to see him! So we'll see Clif on Friday! Jared is looking forward to the two (full) nights of sleep, seeing as Miles has woken up every morning at 4:00 for the past 2 weeks! And around here, that's just a little too early! Miles is cutting another couple teeth I believe. He's also taking a couple steps at a time- but of course, only when HE wants to take those steps! There's no coercing him when he gets noodle legs! It's really funny and he gets so tickled at himself! I think we have a little clown in the making! He is starting to "dance" a little bit to the music and any kind of sing-song I sing (I was a cheerleader, what can I say). We're hoping he doesn't get Jared's mad dance skills (did you catch the sarcasm?), but I guess only time can tell! Well we've got to make a run to Sams for formula and then back home to pack for the short trip- although by the trunk of the car, I'm sure it will look like we're leaving for a month!

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Paul and Heather said...

I went to the Mistletoe Market with some friends last Friday - when did you go?! They had the cutest little Christmas outfits!!! Can't wait to see the one you got Miles!