Friday, February 3, 2012

What a Week!!!

Whew...mid-week--- I didn't know that we would make it to the weekend!!!  Even a sweet friend looked my way Wednesday night at church and asked if I was tired and going to make it!  HA!

The week started out pretty normal--- except Jared was home from work most of the day, which was nice!  Then Tuesday we took an uneventful trip to the park to meet some friends.  Audrey has two little girls, so it's fun to be around and watch little girls play and see what I have to look forward to with Miles!  We go to church together and her youngest and Miles are in the same preschool class.  We love going to one of the parks here because it's mostly enclosed (one way in one way out) so I was able to let Owen just kinda wander about on his own which was fun to watch and observe!

Then Wednesday came...
(lots of this is details about our day--- 
you don't have to read it- I'm writing most of it for 
myself because I do plan to do the blog book one day =)

Started out fine...but different from our normal routine.  I am doing the James study by Beth Moore right now and usually attend on Thursday nights, but knew I couldn't go this week, so I went to the Wednesday morning session.  So that meant Owen going to childcare- no big deal- right?  We enter the church- he automatically thinks we're there for supper because we came in at the gym like we do on Wednesday nights for supper.  We walk back to nursery- he thinks we need to play hide and seek.  So he hides in the (dark) bathroom behind the door.  Finally get him to his room- he cries like I've left him to play with alligators.  We finish up, race back to pick Miles up from preschool- of course Owen falls asleep.  We get home and I try my hardest to transition him from car to bed- pretty successfully.  However, Miles is like the loudest bathroom-goer in the history of the world---- singing, opening drawers, slamming toilet seat down, having conversations with whoever will listen- and Owen's room is right next to bathroom.  So both kiddos are up from quiet times by about 2-ish.  Which makes for an extremely long afternoon around these parts!

Luckily it was a beautiful day and unseasonably warm out, so we load up in the wagon.  Now...I say that like it's a simple task.  Getting shoes on two rowdy boys- one who didn't get his nap out and the other who acts like he has had 10 red bulls when he doesn't get a nap (figure that one out)- is quite a feat.  Then getting them into the wagon at the same time with balls and buckets to collect rocks, then throwing the balls out because there's not enough room, then needing water (because you know they're thirsty when they ask for water- not juice), then realizing the baby (who is already in the baby front-carrier) needs socks on...needless to say- just a simple wagon ride is an adventure...

Then off we go.  But Miles is very particular about just which rocks we can collect.  So he navigates us around.  Then we run into a new neighbor and her puppy.  Owen has an ever-living fit because the sweet puppy looked at him.  (again...didn't get nap out!)  So I try to have a pleasant conversation with new neighbor above the crying!  We finish up talking and head up into our cove (uphill--- in high-heel boots- because by the time I realized I had on regular-people-shoes, boys were already loaded up and baby was in position- can't change shoes).  I decided it would be a good time to go meet another new neighbor!  To our luck, she has a little boy the same age as Owen!!  So much fun!  She kindly welcomes us in and the boys are able to play!  It will be fun to have a sweet little friend right down the street for Owen!  It's then time for us to head home, so I let the boys run down to the house and our new friend follows suit!  New neighbor and I stood in my driveway and talked for a little bit while boys are picking up the balls that had previously been thrown out of the wagon.  I looked up to get a location on each one--- Owen isn't on my radar!!!

He had gone down the hill to get one of the balls.  When I looked down over the hill, I realized he had fallen into the ditch that was full of standing water and was under water!!  (remember I still have baby in front carrier and have my boots on...)  {panic attack}  New sweet neighbor (who is also a nurse, praise the Lord) rushes down and gets to him for me!  Bless him- wet to the bone, nasty green stuff all over him!  And now her tennis shoes and pants are wet from going in after him!  It definitely scared him, but not enough to keep him from getting in the bath to clean up!  (not before tee-tee-ing all over my kitchen floor, though after I sent him in from getting all his wet yucky clothes off in the garage!)  And I need to see to fussy, hungry baby who somewhere in the mix got taken inside.  And get Miles off his bike riding around the driveway singing "Owen went swimming...the "Juice" went swimming" (new nickname I'm not particularly fond of...Owen James...OJ...Juice).

But dad-gum-it- I'm gonna make it to church because that was our dinner waiting on us!  A good, wholesome meal that we weren't going to get otherwise that day!

Whew...we finally made it and at the end of the day, we were all alive.  I had successfully kept all of our children alive that day-- but that was the first day one had truly challenged that task!

So seriously- if you start seeing gray hairs on me- you will know why.  Just give me a few bucks and offer to keep my kids while I go get it done  =)

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