Friday, January 27, 2012!!

Has it REALLY been 5 months since I last posted?!?  I guess that tells you where blogging has been on my priority list!

Soooo....we had a baby....Molly Claire Darby was born Saturday night, October 15, 2011 (can't remember the exact time--- know I have it written down, but that would require me to get up and I know I would be distracted by something and wouldn't come we'll just say it was right before 11:00 that night)  after a long day of just being a family of four about to bring the fifth into the world!

I had my regular weekly checkup the day before and ole Dr. Tinker said probably no baby- so we set an induction date for later in the month.  I left so disappointed!  So ready to have this sweet little pumpkin in my arms (and, truth be told, out of my belly!!)  I had been having irregular contractions the same way I did with Owen, but had not progressed any.  I woke up Saturday morning with a full day ahead!  Miles had a soccer game, we had a trip to Cedar Hill Farms planned, then Jared had to go back down there for a club-wide soccer family night--- so no time for a baby that day--- at least not until Jared got finished with his party!  We had a fun day- I just knew all day that we were going to have this baby before the weekend was over!  In fact, while we were on the hayride (yes, I went on a hayride...and pushed Owen in the stroller all over that farm), I had someone take a picture of us and told Jared it was probably our last picture as a family of four!  We went on home and I tried laying down knowing that the contractions would probably ease up...let me tell you what...those contractions quickly went from 7-8 minutes all day long to 3-4 minutes as soon as he left to go back to the farm!  Luckily my sweet mama was smart enough to come on down to the house before Jared left!  I called Jared around 6 and told him to come home...NOW!  So I casually threw a load of clothes in the washing machine, took a quick shower (you don't want your hair to look dirty in pics)- of course Jared gets there while I'm in the shower, so he thinks we can sir-ree!!  I told him to get it into gear and let's head out!  On the way, he later told me that I was speaking in tongues and talking to myself (talking to myself- yes, speaking in tongues- no, praying we would get to the hospital in time for me to have my epidural so I wouldn't be eternally mad at my husband for making me wait on him all day to have this baby- yes.)  And let me just tell you, there is no short way to get to Germantown Methodist from a.n.y.w.h.e.r.e.  I did a little hyperventilating in the car because I was so worked up, so I had a catch in my side along with the contractions--- not really making it so easy to breathe!!!  So while they got me all hooked up, the sweet nurse (who I was being very kind to- because they hold the key to how quickly you can get your meds) gave me an oxygen mask to help me get calmed down and breathing normally.  Jared came back in the room to find the incubator and all the baby stuff ready, me up on the bed hooked up to everything with an oxygen mask on holding my hand up indicating just how far along I was  (for those of you who care--- I was half way to ten and fully ready)  My kindness to the nurses was on my side because they hooked me up with the anesthesiologist quickly (like within the hour of us getting there- so f.y.i.- they can get that bag of fluids going quickly for you) and we were good to go!  The doctor on call wasn't my doctor- but I'm telling you- I didn't care!  Not only because I was ready, but because her name was Dr. Mann and she drove in on her Harley- complete with leather jacket.  oh yes.  My mom and Jared were there with me when she was born; Dad came in soon after!  We had a sweet first night and did actually get a little sleep!  Big brothers spent the night with Jared's parents and came to the hospital late morning on Sunday.  We had several visitors and went home on Monday.  (I had insisted the entire pregnancy that I would be staying two nights in the hospital- not just one like we did with Owen!)

And you know what?  Life did not stop.  It all of a sudden got faster!  (Except on those days when we have no where to go!)

Miles is loving preschool!  We love his teacher and are so very thankful that he gets to learn in such a great environment!  He is constantly impressing us with his knowledge and growing vocabulary!  This week, we have gone to South Carolina and California and NYC on the "train" that he and Owen are always making out of anything they can think of (mostly chairs and pillows).  He also was telling me just today about how "Chaster" helped save God's people from the man who wanted to get rid of God's people.  I asked him if he meant "Esther" and he told me "no...chaster...with a c-h"  =)  He and Owen play so so so well together- I am so blessed to have boys who love each other so much!  Miles has told Owen at least twice (that I've heard) in the last week or so that he is his best friend.  It's not always picturesque, but it really is more times than not!  The playroom hasn't been straightened up all week- but for me- it's a picture of how well they play together and love being around each other!  

Owen all of a sudden turned into the biggest handful a few months into my pregnancy with MC.  He had always shown signs of being such a laid back child, never in a hurry for anything!  And this is still mostly true--- it's just the in-between times that wear me out so!  He is an expert "baby gate breaker outer", loves to run the water in the sink and brush his teeth (at any given time in the day- which is great- I'm hoping he likes the dentist better than Miles), is already an expert at "rolling" things (gets that honestly from his mama...i still would love to go roll a house- but I'd have to do it before 11...I'm too tired to do anything after 11), the best taste-tester out there (anything from candy to turnip greens), very determined, and fiercely protective of his little sister.  The first night home, we had MC in the infant seat letting the boys look at her.  It got Jared all nervous (I was ready to send him back to work the next day =), so he picked the seat up to take her to the bedroom and you would have thought we had taken candy away from Owen!!  He got so terribly upset!  I can probably count the number of times he's ever done something that might hurt her- and that's not been on purpose- just sitting on her to get a reaction out of me or poking her face or something.  He went through a period of only kissing her- no one else- not even me!  Poor baby girl has had snot (or candy or food) on her head since day one!  I love the times I find little hot wheels in the seat with her, though!

I'll post a few more Owen stories as they come to mind...and I'm still working on getting Jared to sync my phone so I don't lose all 800+ pictures/videos that are on it...wouldn't that suck!!!!!

And I just realized all the pics my mom has taken and shared with me on picasa, I can't post to here because I'm not the owner of them?!  So sorry!  I'll work on that...=)

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