Friday, January 27, 2012

Miles turned 4... 3 months ago...but since I finally figured out I can put pics on here (see...I do have blonde roots...just can't afford {money or time} to keep the blonde in the rest of my hair right now...=)

We had an awesome (if I do say so myself) campout for Miles birthday!  I had my pinterest board filled with ideas on his campout party like four months before it happened- mostly because I knew Molly Claire would be making her debut appearance within weeks, or even days, of his birthday!  (She came right on time, though!  His birthday is Nov 1, so there's a good two weeks between!)  I made his cute little invites (which I don't have a pic of- but they're similar to this one).  The catch for the party was that the boys' dads had to come camp out with them! (I'm crazy...but not crazy enough to have a bunch of 4 year olds to my house to spend the night with a newborn in the house!)  We had two of Miles' sweet friends and their dads come over for hot dogs and ribs and s'mores cake!!  Plus you know I had plenty of other snacks for everyone!  Those poor kids probably had stomach aches after they left the next morning!  We blew up balloons and put glow sticks in them and they went hunting for them in the empty lots around our house.  They watched movies on the big screen we borrowed from the church in the back yard.  And you know Owen was right in the middle of it all thinking he was as big as they were!  Here are some pics from the party!  Also at the end two of my faves from Miles actual birthday.

campground ----->
smores cake!

around our "camp fire"
Jared and the birthday boy! (notice the tents in the background!)
if you only knew how fitting this pic of owen is...
movie time!   the boys with their goodie sacks filled with a flashlight, snack mix, gloves, and a hat

Owen got so tickled at Miles blowing out his candles!
My precious first born!

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