Monday, May 9, 2011


My sincerest apologies for not keeping up....I'll tell you something- this 3rd pregnancy has been a booger!  I will spare you all of the details- but one thing I will tell you is that I have found myself beyond GRUMPY!  My attitude has been negative and when I have a free moment, I want to sit down and watch TV and get lost in whatever's going on in people's fictional lives!  AH!  Now, I enjoy watching TV- I always have- but I've never been a TV junkie like I have the past several weeks!  Let's just say-- I'm glad the month of April is over and I'm on into my 2nd trimester!  {{{cue the music}}}

I'm in my 16th week of pregnancy and we will be finding out in two weeks what Darby #3 is!  I don't have my hopes up either way- I'm planning for both (ways that is...not one of each  =)  I have lots of cute ideas for 3 boys and getting rooms geared towards that way, but if it's a girl- I don't quite have the room situation figured out yet, but know that it will come!  Owen will not be ready for a big boy bed yet, although, I'm pretty sure by fall, he will have already figured out how to escape from his crib.  He's quite the explorer...and a little walking tornado, as well!  {I should have taken a picture of the entryway before Miles and I cleaned it's impressive what little hands can do with 2 minutes when left unattended!}  So that means I will have 2 kids in

Here are a few pics to update you on life around here!!

Miles on Easter

Owen on Easter

My Melaleuca booth at Farmer's Market

Mother's Day craft- thank you I Can Teach My Child

presents for grandmothers!  *there was one more frame* *notice the difference in feet- ha!*

Jared and Dad were in charge of lunch- doesn't it look FAB!
(They picked it up from a wonderful catering place- but they did have to heat it  =P)

Miles isn't really into cooperating much these days...

Best we could get...don't you like the lovely bruise on my uncrossed legs???

So if you don't live in Memphis...this is the view coming across the bridge into TN from AR.
The mighty Mississip' is a-risin' on up!

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The Haines said...

LGD- you can do it! 2 cribs is really easier than having to chase after a baby all night! I'm planning on keeping Jenna Claire in hers until she's at least 10! :) So excited for you!