Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What a fun day!

Well folks....we got it...our once a year snow!  It came a little early- but it did not disappoint!  AND we have another snow forecasted for this coming weekend!!  Who knows?!  And folks...let me tell you--- this southern girl does NOT like to be cold...but I actually bundled up (and looked ridiculous because I have no need for real snow clothes- because seriously- this MIGHT happen once a year!)  I mean...I'm sitting here at the computer wearing my heavy coat and gloves.  A little more time consuming to type with the gloves on...but I am just COLD!

Our morning consisted of running up and down the huge hill beside our house- it's PERFECT for sledding!  And this year- instead of preparing for the inclement weather with oil lanterns- Jared got something we can really use--- SLEDS!  {{{love you honey}}}{{and yes- I know we've used the lanterns...once...}}

Little brother missed out on the first round, but he was up and ready for round two!  And Meme and Jimbo stopped by and brought another sled!  I was glad they came because I am terrible about taking pictures these days!  I don't want to miss out on any of the fun, so I'm right there in the middle of things and not concerned with picture taking!  All of my pics from Christmas this year are mostly from Mom's camera!  I have a few on mine...but if you read the last post you might understand why I didn't have the energy to take pics...


Lots and lots of here's a few pics to show you just how excited we get down here in the south over SNOW!

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Pat said...

How many times did Miles get to sled? He is awfully small to have to fight for it with those two big guys. Looks like a wonderful memory make day.