Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Year

Happy New Year!

It has already proven to be a great 2010 at the Darby household! We have been thoroughly enjoying our time at home the past week- one great thing about government jobs- you have major holidays off and usually the governor gives the day before or after off, too, for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years! So Jared only had to take 3 vacation days and has been off work for a week and a half! Of course that time has been spent traveling to Canton/Madison/Brandon to see my extended family, Batesville to see Jared's dad and stepmom and stepsister, and here at home enjoying time with our parents and just being at home- getting ready to add a new little one to the mix of things! We have literally played fruitbasket turnover with our bedrooms, so there has been a lot of moving of furniture- and unfortunately for Jared and Dad (maybe Clif if he's lucky while he's here)- more to come this week as I am forever changing my mind! And as Jared has been so quick to tell me each time, our house is abnormal in that it has 16 stairs rather than the average 14 most homes have! I guess those 2 stairs make a difference! I'm not the one having to move the stuff!

Baby Owen James will be here within the next 6-7 weeks! Everything is still going along just fine...I am just ready to have this new little one here! We have LOTS of babies arriving alongside Owen...between church and other friends, I think I have counted a total of 11 arriving between now and this summer! What a wonderful season of life!

We have every intention of calling the baby "Owen", however, everytime Miles speaks of his brother, he refers to him as "Owen James"- so I may get my double-named baby after all! Miles knows where Owen's bed is...and that's about all he speaks of- but so far it has been said lovingly each time! We know his little world is going to rock in a few weeks- but he's still so young that he won't remember life without his little brother! Praise the Lord!

I will put just a couple pictures for now and will try to come back and add a few more later- but Jared is sitting here waiting on me to go to church! Ah!

Miles and his favorite character of the season- Snoopy. If we watched "A Charlie Brown Christmas" once...we watched is 1,542 times!!

Jared and I at some point over the holidays!

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