Friday, July 23, 2010

Has is really been over a month?!

now, isn't this just the perfect picture of summertime?

Each time I blog, I have these new hopes that I will do it this time and continue on, posting weekly updates and such. Yeah right.

So here I am again- late at night alone with my thoughts! I have been making out our "to-do list" for Saturday. It's our last calm's really the calm before the storm...

In just a few short weeks, soccer will be back in full swing, school will be started back up, Owen will be 6 months (and everything that goes along with that- eating more, getting mobile, belly laughing), and before I know it we will have celebrated Miles' 3rd birthday and Christmas will be just around the corner!! Wow- and it's only July!

Once again, I find myself so thankful for these past several weeks. We've been sick an awful lot this summer, but with that sickness, Jared has been home a lot! Random sicknesses- strep, pneumonia, migraines...and luckily it was just with Jared and me! The boys have stayed so healthy (except a little fever with Miles and a 12-hr stomach bug). We have really enjoyed some good family time between the 4 of us! I emailed Jared earlier today telling him of 2 nights during the week that were going to be strictly devoted to our own family time once fall comes around. We can get so busy going and doing that we forget to be purposeful in our lives! The last thing I want is for us to get 10 years down the road and not remember any of it!

Well I'll leave you with a few pics-- I'm going to bed!

Good night, ya'll!

Owen looking on with longing eyes...
my precious boys!
all 3 of my precious boys! we love the bookstore!

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